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10 Pretty and Chic Ponytails That Look SO Glam!

10 Pretty and Chic Ponytails That Look SO Glam!

Fuss-free ponytail hairstyles look elegant and trendy for sure! So if you’re into ponytails and like your hair tied up in oh-so-stylish ways, then keep scrolling down to get your dose of inspiration from our very own Bollywood beauties! Tie your hair up in style, pretty people!

Tough Puff Girl

1 ponytail hairstyles

Image: Deepika Padukone on Instagram

Pretty puffs have become Deepika Padukone’s signature style! Just backcomb your crown a bit to create a slight puff, secure it with bobby pins and then tie your hair into a ponytail style. Easy AF, right?

Side Affair

2 ponytail hairstyles

Image: Tanya Ghavri on Instagram

This is such an easy way to change up your ordinary ponytail, just bring it to the side! Kareena Kapoor Khan shows us the right way to rock a simple chic pony hairstyle look. Tie your hair neatly into a low, side ponytail and get ready to look as classy as Bebo!

Quirky Princess

3 ponytail hairstyles

Image: Namrata Soni on Instagram

Be as experimental as Sonam Kapoor and try this quirky ponytail hairstyle. With the help of a hair curler, create waves in your hair. Take a section in the middle, backcomb it for some volume before twisting it and secure it on the top of your head with pins. Now tie all your hair up in a regular ponytail and slay it like a diva!

Simply Cute

4 ponytail hairstyles

Image: Alia Bhatt on Instagram

Spread cuteness with this ponytail, just like Alia Bhatt! Pick up thin sections of hair from the front, twist them all and pin them at the back separately. Now tie your hair in a not-so-high ponytail.

Braid Babe

5 ponytail hairstyles

Image: Shraddha Kapoor on Instagram

This fun pony hairstyle is great for days you want to add some edge to your basic style! Divide the front of your hair into three sections and braid each one just like Shraddha Kapoor. Now pull your hair up in a messy ponytail and look young, wild and funky!

Curly Flick

6 ponytail hairstyles

Image: Jacqueline Fernandez on Instagram

Get inspired by Jackie and try something different! Gather your hair up in a high ponytail style. Then, carefully curl your fringe and secure the end of that fluffy curl with a small pin. Go, paint the town red!

Crazy Casual

7 ponytail hairstyles

Image: Nargis Fakhri on Instagram

Be cool and effortlessly chic just like Nargis Fakhri. Don’t bother to comb your hair, just tie it up in a messy ponytail. Pull out a few strands and spritz some sea salt spray for a super texturized ponytail. Isn’t it perfect for a casual day?

Your Highness!

8 ponytail hairstyles

Image: Tanya Ghavri on Instagram

High ponytails are so glamorous and make you look sexy in an instant! Pull your hair back in a high pony and we’re sure you’re going to look as hot as Lisa Haydon. We think pairing it with a choker just adds to the oomph appeal!

Ruffled Glam

9 ponytail hairstyles

Image: Disha Patani on Instagram

If you love crazy volume, then Disha Patani shows how to do it the right way! Back comb your hair to create volume, use your fingers to tousle your locks before pinning sections from the side at the center. Do this till most of your hair is pinned back, you won’t need a hair tie for this ponytail style. Remember, don’t worry about the neatness – the messier, the sexier!

Retro Chica

10 ponytail hairstyles

Image: Sonakshi Sinha on Instagram

Got thick and long hair? Go retro-like Sonakshi Sinha and tie your hair up in a vintage style ponytail. Keep aside a thin strand of hair and wrap it over your hair tie to complete the look. You can also use hair extensions to make your ponytail look fuller.

09 Nov 2016

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