An Easy Makeup Tutorial For The Beginner!

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An Easy Makeup Tutorial For The Beginner!


This story was updated in February 2019.

When you’re new to makeup, you might not want to experiment with the latest trends and colours too soon. That’s completely understandable and I think you should stick to the basics first. As time goes by, focus on mastering your skills each time you lift up that makeup brush. Please note that you might not get the perfect wing or smokey eye right at the first go, but then again, practice makes perfect, right? Trust me, everyone learns through the process of trial and error, and with time, you too will become a pro.

Easy Makeup Tips For Beginners

Here are not just 10, but 36 makeup tips for beginners. (Random thought: After perfecting these tips, you can even start your own Youtube channel and help other women who are new to the whole makeup scene. Such a great idea, no?)

1. For sheer coverage, you can apply foundation using just your fingers. If you want full coverage, a foundation brush is something you should invest in.

2. Your foundation and primer must be of the same base. Let’s say if your foundation is liquid, then your primer too must be water-based. If the formulas are different, the product will have a tough time staying on your face. To avoid this mishmash, just pick up a foundation that matches your primer’s formula.

3. Apply your foundation in downward strokes to make sure that your facial hair is not too prominently visible. Your peach fuzz stands up when your foundation strokes are in the opposite direction of the growth.

4. When you’re running late and don’t have time to apply your base, then, here’s what you can do – just focus on the focal points. Use a brush to apply concealer only to areas like the corners of your mouth, nose and under your eyes. It’s that easy and can be wrapped up in just 5-10 minutes.

5. In case you’re looking to purchase a new face powder, there are two types – pressed and loose powder. The functions vary for both and you can pick either of them up in dewy or matte. While loose powdered is designed to make your makeup last longer, pressed powder is perfect for minor touch-ups.

6. To give your skin a radiant rosy glow, apply your blush first and foundation after. It’s a tiny tip, but it’s one of the best ones out there. woman-applyin-blush

7. If you have crows feet and you want to make them less visible, I suggest that you dab a tiny bit of primer over it. It works like a charm!

8. Don’t like using chemical bronzers? Well, you can make one at home using cornstarch, cocoa powder and cinnamon powder. Mix all the ingredients well and there you have it! You’re very own natural bronzer. Bonus: You can eat it too! *Wink*

9. Got fine and scanty brows? While you know how to fill them, you have a tough time making them look natural, right? Don’t press your brow brush too hard, light feathery strokes should do the trick here.

10. To make your eyes and brow bone pop, apply a little bit of highlighter below the arch of your brows. This gives the illusion of bigger eyes and bolder, defined brows.

11. If your eyeshadow is not strongly pigmented, I recommend that you colour your lids with a white eye pencil first. Apply the main eyeshadow over it. It’ll make the colour pop!

12. Not just for your lids, white eyeliner can even make your eyes look bigger. Before you use your kohl pencil, apply a white liner on your waterline. You can even let go of the kajal and just use the white liner. Thank me later! woman-applying-white-eyeliner

13. Can’t perfect the wing? It’s okay, sometimes even the pros make mistakes. However, if you have a scotch tape or a spoon or an old credit/business card, you can place it in an angular fashion and paint your wing. It will come out perfectly, just wait and watch!

14. For a natural eye makeup look, skip the kajal on the lower lashline and apply it to your upper waterline. You can also use whiter eyeliner or concealer to do this trick.

15. To make your liner stay put on your waterline, dust some eyeshadow with the same shade on your upper waterline.

16. Let’s say you’re out of micellar water or your skin is too sensitive to deal with a makeup remover. In such a case, you can remove your makeup with the help of good old coconut oil. It’s great for removing makeup and your skin gets moisturised and hydrated at the same time.

17. On that note, no matter how tired or busy you may be, make it a point to remove all your makeup before you go to bed. Models swear by this rule and so should you. Apply a toner post-cleansing. The cleaner your pores are the lesser chances of you experiencing unwanted breakouts.

18. Haven’t voluminous lashes always been a dream? The trick is to apply mascara, wait for 30 seconds and then coat them with baby powder. Follow this up with another coat of mascara. This helps make your lashes look fuller.

19. After your mascara is over, don’t discard the entire product. Keep the wand safe to groom your lashes later.

20. When your mascara clumps, don’t worry. Just remove all the excess product using a tissue paper.

21. Not a pro at applying lipstick yet? It’s okay, we all get there with time. Simply draw an X and then paint your lips any colour you desire. If you’re worried about it bleeding, apply lipstick first and then use a lip liner that matches or complements your lipstick shade. It makes your pout look neater and fuller. woman-applying-red-lipstick

22. If your mascara has dried up and looks flaky, don’t throw the powder away. In fact, gather all the product and put in a contact lens solution or place the mascara tube in a warm glass of water. The formula will go from solid to liquid in a matter of minutes.

23. To give your lips a metallic finish, apply a bit of golden and silver eyeshadow to your coloured pout. This trick will save you money if you intended to buy a separate metallic lipstick.

24. You can also make your lipstick last longer by dusting some translucent powder over it. This trick not only helps to add dimension but makes it stay put all day.

25. Once a week, you must make it a point to wash ALL your makeup brushes under running warm water. Use a mild shampoo too to remove the product stuck in the bristles.

26. The same goes for your makeup sponge. After every application, place the sponge in a bowl of warm water and dishwashing soap. Use your fingers to press and wash the sponge. Leave it to airdry post-cleansing. Cleaning your brushes and makeup tools on a regular basis is good because it prevents bacteria and dust from settling and growing on your tools.

27. Before applying eyeshadow, wet the tip of your brush with water or spray it with setting spray. It picks the product up better and makes the colour look more pigmented on the lids.

28. I urge you to never do your makeup under artificial lighting. Natural light will fetch you the best results hands down! Plus, you’re able to see your pores and features more clearly under the rays of the sun.

29. After moisturising your skin, apply SPF before makeup. SPF is essential because it protects your skin from the harsh rays of the sun and you’ll never have to experience sun spots on your skin ever again.

30. Every person falls under one undertone. You could either be a – cool, warm or neutral. Take a good look into the mirror and look at your skin tone intensely. If you have blue or purple veins, you have a cool undertone. If it’s green, the warm undertone is what you have and if it’s a mix of both, then it’s neutral.

31. Having trouble curling your lashes? We’ve all been there. What you could do is blow warm air using a hairdryer on your lash curler and then curl your lashes once the tool is hot. The results will be instant and fruitful. woman-using-lash-curler

32. You can make your own BB cream at home by mixing primer, sunscreen, compact powder pieces and foundation. Mix it all together and apply at one go!

33. For a dewy glow, add 2-3 drops of facial oil into your foundation and apply it to your skin. Your skin will look radiant, moist and gorgeous at the same time.

34. This may sound selfish, but don’t share your makeup products with anyone. They’re yours and are supposed to be personal. Sharing lipsticks and eye makeup products run the risk of catching an infection if the other person is suffering from a disease.

35. Everything in life follows an order – your makeup routine is not an exception. Instead of doing your base first, do your brows and eye makeup. That way, in case any product residue falls on your skin and smudges, you won’t have to remove your entire base to rectify it.

36. Remember this other – tone, moisturize, apply primer, foundation after, then concealer and finally powder after.

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