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The Butterfly Lash Fad Is All Over Our Spring Mood Boards

The Butterfly Lash Fad Is All Over Our Spring Mood Boards

The butterfly motif is everywhere right now and we ain’t complaining. From tank tops to jewellery to even tattoos, and it’s all thanks to the ’90s style revival in the fashion and beauty scene. Speaking of the ’90s style aesthetic, pop sensation, Dua Lipa is all on board with the era’s signature style including that butterfly effect as she has been consecutively serving lewks through her red carpet appearances and album art featuring the motif. Owing to her love for this ’90s symbol, the singer is responsible for a new makeup trend inspired by this colourful creature that promises a next level gaze. Butterfly lashes are all the rage because when Dua slipped in her subtle eye makeup look in her coveted Insta photo dumps, it had beauty aficionados raving about it and how.

What Are Butterfly Lashes?


Butterfly lashes are basically ultra-lengthened and fanned out lashes that mimic the fluttery effect of a butterfly when you bat your eyelashes. And, they aren’t just fanned out in one direction. Unlike the sloping, one-sided fan out that has been trending in order to get a feline eye effect, butterfly lashes are spread in both directions so as to deliver a soft curve and loads of length and volume. Even the bottom lash lines are swooshed just like the upper lash line so that the definition is bomb AF and your eyes look wide and wonderous.

The Technique

If you are looking to get the look, you will first need a good volumising and lengthening mascara. 

Step1: Cover Charge

Begin by curling your lashes and then keep your eyes half closed and first put a coat on the side that is visible when you look down. 

Step 2: Fan Out

Next, look upwards and apply mascara to the other side. Focus on fanning the inner side of lashes towards the inner corners of your eyes and the outer half of your lashes outwards. 

Step 3: Volume Rule

Take another coat and only press it on the ends of your lashes for an extra volumising effect. 

Step 4: Tip Top

Use the tip of the mascara wand to spread out your lower lash line just like you did for the upper lashes.


Mascaras That Will Get The Job Done

These are our top picks to get that fluttery lash effect.

Wonder Wing

With a curved dual-action wand, this mascara curls and adds volume with one swipe. It also delivers a superb fanned out effect that is unmatched.

Wink, Wink!

This iconic mascara will make it look like you’re wearing falsies because it is just so lengthening and volumising. Its brush applicator is perfect for achieving butterfly lashes.

Winged Effect

For an effortless application that lets you skimp on technique, try this mascara. The wand is uniquely shaped in a way that is perfect to bring about a gorgeous dual-direction fan out which is just what this lash trend requires.

Try out this new way to wear of wearing mascara and your eye makeup game is going to reach new levels of awesomeness.

Featured Images: Instagram

11 Mar 2022

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