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7 Mood-Boosting & Dreamy Nail Polish Colours That Are Sparking Joy In Us

7 Mood-Boosting & Dreamy Nail Polish Colours That Are Sparking Joy In Us

It’s like what Elle Woods said: summer gives you endorphins. Endorphins make us happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands – they just don’t. (or something like that.) 

The same goes for the colour of your nails. When you look down at your fingertips, the shade you’re wearing can have a profound, psychological effect on your mood – just like workout sesh, sex, ocean waves, or sunlight. That makes painting on a poppy yellow, cool blue, or an electric orange the perf way to get ready for the season. It’s science! If you’re curious to know the mood-boosting nail paint hues that will be popular at salons this summer- keep scrolling for dream nail polish hues that spark serious joy!

7 Mood-Boosting Nail Colours We Keep Seeing On The Fashion Set

Bubblegum Blush

This creeps right up to that fine line between sickly sweet and just pink enough. The blush pink nail look is still on the radar for summer 2022 and we’re now fully obsessed! Gonna be wearing it all through the season. It’s a subtle splash of colour that’s one of the easiest to pull off. Another highlight is that you can easily match this shade with your accessories, for example, your shoes or bag. 

Poppy Yellow

The sunlight hits different on golden-yellow lacquer. If you’re ready to really make a statement, why not reach for a bold neon hue. The happy hue is legit a summer dream and we’re ready to bring this sunshiny, cheerful colour into our lives. 


There’s nothing quite like a citrus-inspired manicure. For a peek summer look, call on this season’s hottest colour. A bold orange will make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re wearing basic colours like black, white, or nude, orange nails will do all of the talking this summer.

Milky Nude

This subdued hue is like an IG filter for your nails. Extend the trending colour from your clothes to your nails. This barely-there colour is just one of the many hues that would make for a perfectly modish base.  It is super popular RN and is the perf colour to wear when you need a little something to clean up the hands without having to do a full colour moment.

Tomato Red

This isn’t a regular red polish – it’s a cool red polish. Red nails are always a good idea and this one is proof. A little cheerful but also sophisticated; It’s part classic, part cool. 2022 is going to be very red. But it’s not just red we’re predicting will take off – it’s also the orange-tinted coral iterations that will gain popularity this season.

Split Pea

Bring nature indoors with this fresh green polish. Here’s what we’ve been building towards – slime green. It’s definitely one of the most untraditional shades of green, but who says a manicure has to be traditional? It’s striking and unexpected. So in other words, it’s basically made for Instagram.

Dusty Blue

This colour will give you some seriously stormy weather vibes in the best possible way. While an electric navy is sure to pop with any outfit, a muted tone like this one goes perfectly with lavender and other lighter hues. The shade, in particular, is oh-so-chic!

They are cool, not kitschy.

Featured Image: Instagram

30 May 2022

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