Nailing It: 6 Super Trendy Nail Paint Colours That Are Perf For Sunshine- Filled Days

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Apr 7, 2021
On-Trend Nail Colours


If you love keeping up with the latest in the beauty world, we’ve got a secret for you: having your nails done up is the quickest and easiest way to look put-together. 

A great manicure is a perfect way to take your style aesthetics up a notch. But, to be honest, the only stressful part about getting a manicure done is choosing what colour to commit to for the next seven to fourteen days. We’re not sure what’s more predictable: feathery pastels like mint, buttercup for spring, or moody nail polish shades like eggplant, burgundy, and navy for fall. But to help you stand out, we took the mission upon ourselves to find nail hues that are going to make waves in summer 2021. 

Keep scrolling to find the nail paint shades you should sport this season!

Shades Of Brown

The 90s-inspired shade won’t be letting up anytime soon. Brown nail paint was a huge hit in fall and winter 2020 and will continue to shine in 2021. The great part about this colour is that you can wear it all over your nails or can even go for an ombre effect by painting each nail a different shade of brown.


There’s a freshness about it. Nail polish lovers adore this eye-catching hue because it suits every skin tone. It’s great to pair with beige, blue, and white garments. So, for a chic makeover, pick this one.

Pale Yellow


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Pale yellow was a huge colour in the fashion world last season and will continue to have its time underneath the sun. The good thing for you guys is that this colour is an instant mood uplifter so when you’re dealing with Monday blues, apply this one and they’ll vanish.

Dusty Blue

This colour will give you some seriously stormy weather vibes in the best possible way. The shade, in particular, is oh-so-chic! To keep it easy breezy this summer, apply this sky-like shade and do some DIY cloud nail art on it for a more out-of-the-box look.


This dynamic colour is just one of the many hues that would make for a perfectly modish base for an otherwise neutral outfit. Tangerine is fresh and can always be paired with a peach makeup look that’s super popular RN.

Pink Marble Nails

The pink marble nail look is still on the radar for summer 2021 and I’m now fully obsessed! Gonna be wearing it all throughout the season.

Is it too much to buy all of these? I say No!

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