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Do NOT Send This! 10 Texts That Are Conversation STOPPERS

Somya AbrolSomya Abrol  |  May 5, 2016


Our generation THINKS it knows everything there is to know about texting. Newsflash: you don’t. Yes, we agree, texting someone new – or someone you’re trying to take things a little “further” with – CAN be tricky. But there are some lines that just must not be crossed. Believe it or not, some messages CAN break the deal (that you’ve been working so hard at) almost instantly – whether you’re at the giving OR the receiving end of these texts. We’ve listed out a few of them so YOU can have a more meaningful “textationship”.

1. “What’s up?”

These are the only two words that, when put together, have the potential of murdering a possibly awesome conversation. Come on, you two are interesting people – come up with a better way to start a friggin’ conversation! “What’s up” is almost like saying: “I want to start a conversation, but can’t be bothered coming up with something interesting to talk about. So, what’s up?”

Do not send these texts 1

2. “Who’s that guy in your picture?”

Hello, stalker! Unless you’re aiming at creating that clingy-stalker image for yourself, PLEASE refrain from this particular question. Whoever that person in that picture is, how on earth does it matter to you?! Unless you’re in a committed relationship, this text is NOT cool. Just don’t!

3. “Did something happen between us last night?”

Whhoooaaa! You don’t remember? Were you really THAT drunk? Do you have any idea how offensive that one question is? In all honesty, if you don’t remember, there ain’t gonna be a second time!

Do not send these texts 3

4. “Heyyyyyy…..”

Not excited OR exciting enough. Won’t bother replying. Ever. 🙂

Do not send these texts 4

5. “Can’t make it. Raincheck?”

Okay, we understand that “some work” cropped up unexpectedly. But do you have to be so nonchalant about it? Couldn’t you take 20 seconds out to at least apologize for cancelling on us last-minute?

6. *Unsolicited selfie*

If you’re not my bestie, here’s the deal: you’re NOT Kim Kardashian. People don’t want to look at your pretty face (or any other body part) for no reason. And honestly, receiving a message with a face you haven’t seen too many times just screams “Weirdo Alert!”.

Do not send these texts 6

7. A last-minute invitation

“Hey, I’m just heading out for a movie with a couple of friends. Show’s in 30 mins. Come with?” If you actually do want to spend time with us, plan. If you can’t bother even checking with us, we’re not gonna bother making time in our schedules. Simple. As. That.

8. “By the way, can I have your friend’s number?”

The nerve! So this whole conversation, this WHOLE time, was a freakin’ prelude to THAT question?! Don’t even expect us to acknowledge that text. Not worth our time!

Do not send these texts

9. Five consecutive texts

Unless you’re drunk – no, wait, rephrase – EVEN if you’re drunk, one text after the other only gives out the “too clingy” vibe. Do you want to destroy a potentially kickass relationship by being too clingy? Do you? DO YOU??

Do not send these texts 9

10. NO response

Listen, you can’t stretch it. If he doesn’t bother replying to your text within 24 hours, dust it off and move on! Yes, this is applicable even if they get back 26 hours later saying, “Hey, sorry…was running super busy,” because there’s NO one in today’s day and age who doesn’t check their phone every 30 minutes (upper limit).

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