10 Festive, DIY Manicure Ideas That Will Save You A Trip To The Salon Until The New Year

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Dec 21, 2021
10 Festive, DIY Manicure Ideas That Will Save You A Trip To The Salon Until The New Year


It is that time of the year when everybody is carefully planning their manicure appointments to match with their New Year dress, 2022 mood, or just the old resort – what’s trending ATM. Needless to say, nail salons are going to be brimming with appointments, and you might be put in waiting for days to come. Kudos to you if you have the will and patience to go through New Years’ nail salon appointments. But if you’re not, we have the easiest (and the most minimal glamm) DIY manicure solution for you guys. Listed below are a handpicked selection of 10 of the easiest minimal and festive manicure ideas that will have you dancing n your party hat at home!

Quick & Easy Manicure Moodboard

Get Glitterin’!

PSA: Glitter is trending everywhere and manicures are not left behind. This plain glitter manicure spells all things festive, and are super easy to ace.

Minimal Mama

If you’re a plain jane looking for a glamm twist, this glitter reverse French manicure is the best pick for you.

Christmas Hangover

This red manicure with glitter gradient will get you swiftly through Christmas and past NYE too!

Green Galore

This one is for our Pinterest queens who love a trendy swirl manicure. Add a touch of va va voom with glitter borders, and you’re good to go!

Frosty Flakes

If you’re someone who loves the colder seasons the most, this frosty manicure with blue tips and glitter stars is the one for you.

New Year, New Love

No more looking for love in 2022, we are already in love with our nails!

Glitter Party

This one is for our party animals who love to live it up all through December. With this manicure, no party will ever miss their disco ball!

Gradient Shimmer

One of the most minimalist yet festive manicures out of the lot, this patchy shimmer nail art is super easy to do at home yourself.

Foiled French

Move over old, boring French manicure, silver French tips are in town to rule.

Champagne Pop

The amount of champagne you’ll be popping all month only justifies for you to get this manicure.

Put on your DIY hat and get manicurin’ with the easiest set of nail paints to work with:

Which minimal festive manicure will you be trying out?

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