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12 Sex Slang Meanings You Are Kinda Embarrassed To Ask!

12 Sex Slang Meanings You Are Kinda Embarrassed To Ask!

Have you ever scrolled through your social media feed and come across words that make no sense? Or sound nothing like what they actually mean?

Well, you’re welcome! You, like me, are caught in between the transition from Gen Y to Gen Z. We all know who Gen X is – our bosses, parents, pre-millennial peeps. And we all know who Gen Z is – the not-so-young kids we wish had watched more of cartoon network! But who really is Gen Y? The people like you and me, who know exactly how memes work but are sometimes confounded by the new word someone just threw at us. Surely, ‘totes’ was not part of literature at school but it’s a part of our real life now and we have come to peace with that.

Here are 12 sex slang words for all of you out there so you don’t have to Google them next time! Thank us later.

1. Gazzed

The feeling of an orgasm is also called gazzed. Especially when you see someone super hot and you feel all ‘gazzed out’. Yeah, you know what I am talking about!

2. Cunnilingus

Cunnilingus is the act of giving oral pleasure to a woman. You knew this one had to be dirty, right?

And when you do return the favour, make sure you add a little flavour to it with Moods strawberry flavoured condoms!

2 sex slang words - girl winking

3. Beat Cakes

The world uses this to refer to doggie style sex. So the next time you hear it, remember not to ask – “Oh, great! What flavour, though?”

4. Grinding

If you’ve seen Dirty Dancing you have an idea about what this means. Not only did Johnny and Baby did this back in 1987 but it’s a dance move – where one partner suggestively moves their behind against the other person’s groin. It’s pretty popular in parties even today!

Get the Dirty Dancing DVD to learn some moves!

4 sex slang words - grinding

5. Fap

Fap is the sound of a man masturbating and is often used as a synonym for masturbation in the virtual world!

6. Buggering

A sex session is also known as buggering! No, we don’t know why. The pop virtual culture was not meant to answer your silly, logical questions!

While you are buggering, you might wanna get some aromatic candles to add to the mood!

6 sex slang words - girl winking naughty

7. Sporking

Sporking is spooning with an erection which is kinda part of every ‘only netflix’ night with boyfriend, ain’t it?

8. Liptease

Liptease is when a woman puts on lipstick seductively. It’s like a striptease, only you are teasing with your lips instead!

And of course, a sexy raspberry lipstick to apply will be needed!

8 sex slang words - applying lipstick

9. Doink

It’s like going back to fifth grade but doink means to have sex. Because who even says sex, anymore, right?

10. Jiffy Stiffy

Another way of saying ‘quick sex!’ Well, at least it’s cute so you can send it to your S.O. and not sound creepy!

And when planning a quickie make sure you wear a button down shirt which is, you know, quick to take off!

10 sex slang words - quickie lets have sex

11. Double Bag

Double bagging is when you wear two condoms together just for the extra protection. An important fact to remember is that two condoms together cause friction leading to less protection due to wear and tear than just a normal condom.

12. Raw Dog

The opposite of double bagging is raw dog when you don’t use any protection at all! Now that is never good unless you are planning to have babies together!

12 sex slang words - um no

There, we have (yet again) updated you with the tools you need to survive the day to day chatter of this online world!

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04 Sep 2017

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