17 Things That No One Tells You About Oral Sex

17 Things That No One Tells You About Oral Sex
We’ve heard all the talk about how guys love oral sex. And from what we gather talking to the guys in our lives, it’s all mostly true. Now, if you’re a girl thinking about going down that route (pun intended!), here are a few things you should know...

1. It can kind of sucks, the first time around. Literally.

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2. But it gets better with time. It’s an acquired taste. Again, literally. :P

3. In fact, you get better at it with time. Practice makes perfect, after all.

4. But it always tastes at least a little bit weird. It’s never going to have the same zing as deliciously prepared food.

5. Flavoured condoms are a great idea, given that sexual health and safety is an important thing. However, they taste weirder still.

6. Your partner having good personal hygiene helps, though.

things girls should know about oral sex 6

7. Which doesn’t quite distract from the fact that, um, stuff looks really funny when you think carefully about it.

8. In fact, looking up at him and down at yourself can be downright hilarious. His expression, your position - it’s a really strange combination.

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9. In this particular situation, size does matter. It’s more challenging when he’s measuring at the higher end of the scale.

10. But his complete and total enjoyment of what you’re doing to him - it makes the challenge totally worthwhile.

11. Also, you become a pro at breathing through your nose while your mouth is open. #LifeSkills

things girls should know about oral sex 11

12. At some point, though, your jaw is going to start feeling kind of numb. (Cheat a little and use your hands - it’s allowed!)

13. And remember to change position at least slightly every few minutes, else you’re going to end up with a really stiff neck.

14. It’s a good idea to ask him to warn you when he’s, er, close. Because you should be able to decide how you’d like, uh, end it.

15. Because you don’t want to get your hair unexpectedly yanked from too much excitement. Or accidentally swallow in case you were planning to spit. ;-)

16. You might just find the whole thing surprisingly arousing and enjoyable. It’s a really intimate act, after all.

things girls should know about oral sex 16

17. And it’s perfectly okay - and fair! - to want the favour returned. :-)

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