3 Beauty Hacks Using Lip Liners That Makeup Enthusiasts Need To Know About

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Apr 16, 2021
3 Beauty Hacks Using Lip Liners That Makeup Enthusiasts Need To Know About


It was the 90s when everyone from celebs to our moms was obsessed with that one brown pencil they used to outline their lips. Fast forward to 2021, lip liners are still a staple in our makeup kit and the obsession is only getting stronger.

A lip liner is your secret tool to getting fuller lips within a matter of a few minutes. Just draw a faint line over your natural lip line, fill it with any lipstick, and voila, instant fuller lips. Trust us, your lip liner can do a lot more.

Below, we’re giving you 3 amazing reasons why you need lip liners in your life.

Alternative Uses Of A Lip Liner


A lip liner is more than a one-trick pony. It helps define the lips, prevents the lipstick from bleeding out, ‘increases’ the volume of your lips and so much more. Yup, we’re telling you all about them.

To Contour Your Lips

It’s one thing to outline your lips to make ’em appear bigger but there’s a completely different technique to add more dimension to your lips. We’re talking about lip contouring which is a technique Huda Kattan swears by!

It’s all about playing with 1-2 lip liners of the same shade family to create an illusion of having fuller lips. Instead of simply overlying your lips, you use the lip liner on your cupids bow, on the sides, and middle to ‘contour’ them. Genius!

To Define Your Eyes

A great way to make use of lip liners that you rarely use is by gliding them on your lids. That’s right, as vibrant eyeliners.

Apply some eyelid primer or a drop of concealer (to stop the lipliner from moving) and define your eyes. you can even apply it on your lower lashline as the trick is to make your eye makeup look more interesting by adding a pop of colour. If you are not a fan of peppy colours, then use nude lip liners or darker ones such as maroon in place of black.

Don’t forget to coat your lashes with mascara!

To Upgrade Your Lip Game

Once a trend we’d only see in fashion magazines, ombre lips have now a separate fan base. Gone are the days when sporting only one colour on your lips was considered trendy as ombre lips have got the people talking.

To try this trend for yourself, take one lipliner and choose lipstick shades that compliment it. Start by outlining your lips with the lip liner and fill it up a little–leaving some space in the middle. Next, take your lipstick (preferably not liquid as it dries down pretty quickly), apply it in the centre and dab it.

It’s time to cross the line with these amazing lip liner hacks.

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