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4 Fab Ways To Style Your Dupatta (Not Just With Indian Wear!)

4 Fab Ways To Style Your Dupatta (Not Just With Indian Wear!)

Have you been wearing your pretty dupatta in the same old way? Spare yourself the boredom, for we’re gonna tell you how to style your dupatta in 4 super fab ways – over your regular dresses and jeans too! Yes, you heard us right! Take out that dupatta, and get styling, ladies…

What You Will Need:

  • Your pretty dupatta
  • Safety pins
  • Belt

Difficulty Level: Easier Than Boiling Water!

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Style # 1 – Vesting It Up

Step 1: Fold the dupatta from both the sides and pin the two corners right where they meet, with the help of a safety pin.

Step 2: This gives you two big arm holes on both the sides. Your vest is ready! Wear it with a denim dress or a LBD, and look super chic.

Style # 2 – Bareback Kurta

Step 1: Take two corners of the dupatta from almost anywhere, and drape it along your neck. Secure the knot with a safety pin.

Step 2: Now take the center of the right side of the dupatta, and making a arm hole, take it up to the shoulder and pin it. Repeat the same on the left side too.

The drape will give you a high-low asymmetrical style in the front. You can rock this look on a long kurti or a maxi dress.

Style # 3 –  Belt It Smart

Step 1: Fold your dupatta neatly, and wear it around your neck, and belt it up at empire waist level.

Step 2: Now carefully, start taking out the dupatta from both the sides till it drops off your shoulder. Stop when it gets just enough baggy. Wasn’t it easy?

Style # 4 – It’s A Wrap

Step 1: Fold your dupatta, depending on how long it is. Pin both the corners of either sides of the dupatta to each other. You have a cute shrug ready! Wear this over your dress or Kurti and look super stylish!

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05 May 2016

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