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Clean-Shaven Boyfriend vs Boyfriend With Stubble: Who Wins?!

Clean-Shaven Boyfriend vs Boyfriend With Stubble: Who Wins?!

Some girls like tall guys, some like them lean – we all have our preferences. And then there’s the question of facial hair. Is it a good thing in your guy, or not so good? We asked some of our friends what they really felt, and here’s what they had to say. Read on to decide the winner in the clean shaven vs stubble battle!

1. It’s all about the looks!

Girl with clean-shaven boy: A clean jawline, defined lips – it’s so good to be able to see that about him! Undistracted by any facial hair!

clean shaven and bearded men 1a

Girl with stubbled boy: A man with a beard definitely looks more sexy, duh!! Why do you think Movember is such a hit trend now?!

clean shaven and bearded men  1b

2. Ready, steady, go?!

Girl with clean-shaven boy: I don’t have to wait around for him to finish grooming himself when we’re headed out for an evening! He’s all set to go when I am!

Girl with stubbled boy: Yes, he takes longer to get ready since he does spend some time trimming his beard, but when he IS ready? Totally worth the wait! Plus he never grumbles if I take time to get ready!!

3. Prickly problems

Girl with clean-shaven boy: No prickle, no itchiness! Just smooth skin against mine. 😉

clean shaven and bearded men 3a

Girl with stubbled boy: Guys, basic rule of physics: friction makes for greater attraction. It’s pleasure, not pain.

clean shaven and bearded men 3b

4. That pesky beard burn

Girl with non-stubbled boy: Hey, I don’t have to worry about going home with beard marks on my face. No searching questions from my mom!

Girl with stubbled boy: Yeah, yeah, a visible beard burn can be a bit awkward sometimes… But guess what? That sexy scrape when he’s doing, uh, interesting stuff to me? Totally makes up for it.

5. What does it mean for you, really? Practically speaking?

Girl with clean-shaven boy: I never have to look up from my plate and see there’s food stuck in the jungle on his chin!!

clean shaven and bearded men 5a

Girl with stubbled boy: He’s way more accepting of my upper lip fuzz than even my girlfriends! Not having to run to the parlour all the time FTW.

clean shaven and bearded men 5b

6. And the world thinks…

Girl with clean-shaven boy: When I’m out with him, no one’s ever called him “uncle!” 😀

Girl with stubbled boy: No one’s ever asked me why I’m dating a baccha! 😛

GIFs: Tumblr

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05 May 2016

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