Pre-Wedding Detox Guide For Brides-To-Be For Glowing Skin During Quarantine

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Apr 7, 2020
Pre-Wedding Detox Guide For Brides-To-Be For Glowing Skin During Quarantine


There’s no denying that every girl wants to look her stunning best at her wedding. Fresh and glowing skin, however, is so much more than makeup. It takes months of effort and planning to get that bridal glow on your D-day. So, if you’re stuck in quarantine (just like the rest of us) and want to start with a detox ritual in the meanwhile, we’ve got all the knows and hows.

Brides-To-Be Take Note Cause This Detox Guide Will Give You Radiant Skin From Within:

From what to eat to how to cut down on bloating, here are some tips and tricks to make the most of your quarantined time.

Detox Water Is Your Best Friend


Drinking water infused with some essentials from your kitchen can help give you clearer skin and increase your metabolism. If your stomach often feels bloated, it helps with that too. So keep this water in a bottle next to you and sip on it through the day. A trusty recipe is lemon, cucumber, mint, and water and you can even add ginger in there for the extra boost.

Say No To Junk Food

Probably the most commonly known hack is to not indulge in junk food as it increases bloating without adding much nutritional value. Say no to chocolates, chips and fried snacks and instead snack on healthier options like nuts and dry fruits.

Say Yes To Green Tea And Bye To Coffee And Chai


We know that caffeine is highly addictive and those of you who are used to drinking it can feel tired and lifeless without it but breaking the habit is important. Have green tea instead. Drinking green tea after fifteen minutes of every meal is a great idea. It is packed with anti-oxidants.

A Complete Alcohol Cleanse

Complete alcohol cleanse is essential when you’re looking at detoxing for your wedding because it adds unnecessary calories to the mix. It also makes to your skin appear dull and can tamper with your digestion as well.

Have A Plate Full Of Green Veggies


Filling your stomach with loads of green vegetables is another great way to go because they’re packed with nutritious value. You can even blend them up in a celery or spinach juice and have that instead. Try having the veggies raw or with the tiniest bit of oil so that you can make the most of the skin brightening properties in the food.

Look Out For Increasing Vitamin E And C Intake

Vitamin E and C are natural antioxidants that basically boost collagen production which in turn prevents wrinkles and skin damage. These can be found in almonds, sunflower seeds, green leafy veggies, citrus fruits, kiwi and red peppers.

Fatty Acids Are Also Great For Your Skin


Fatty acids will keep your skin from becoming dry and also fight redness and inflammation. These can typically be found in salmon, nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil. So if you have these lying around at home, whipping up a baked dish is a great way to go.

We know this time can be hard and can seem endless but making the most of it and finding a silver lining is how you’ll be able to get through it.

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