6 Brides Reveal Their Best Kept Skincare Secrets! *Shhh*

6 Brides Reveal Their Best Kept Skincare Secrets! *Shhh*
When you’re getting married, you usually do sign up for extensive pre-bridal treatments. Salon packages, skin specialists, spa appointments, dietician visits… the works. Every girl wants to leave no stone unturned to make sure she looks her best on the special day. But while we do lots, there is always this one particular regime or treatment that somehow just works wonders! And who better than real brides to dish out their secrets to looking all fabulous at the shaadi. We’ve got 6 brides telling us what exactly did the trick for them.

1. A juice cleanse is all you need.

1 bridal skincare secrets

I did a three-day juice cleanse just a week before my wedding. The cleanse requires you to have only fresh juices for 3 whole days - no food and no salt. I ordered a pack of juices from Fresh Pressury. They deliver six juices each day and mention the time of consumption. And this really did work for me. The routine provided me with the perfect detox and gave me glowing skin for the wedding. Although, it might get a bit tough but it’s worth it. Plus it also helps you look a little more toned!

Sonakshi Saxena, Fashion Merchandiser

2. Just a few great products.

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The lead up to my wedding day was extremely busy with lots of running around and planning. I didn’t have much time to get tons of facials and other beauty treatments. The one skincare regime that worked wonders for me was the Petal Soft Anti-tan Rose Face Pack by Just Herbs. This is an all-organic, chemical-free face pack. The pack is clay based and perfect for all skin types. It prevented my skin from sun damage and after using it a few times, I could feel a difference in my complexion. I used it twice a week followed by the Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream, which was also a part of my everyday skincare regime.  

Henna Sabhlok, General Manager, Cosmos Technochem

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3. Water - The magic potion.

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I was working until a week before my wedding, which didn't leave me with much time to follow a beauty regimen. I did however follow my mother's advice and kept myself hydrated. Nothing like drinking lots of water to clear your skin! Also, my skin is naturally quite oily and I have breakouts quite easily, which is why I avoided eating anything too greasy. Watching your diet and drinking plenty of water can really do wonders!

Sneha Sikand, Client Relations

4. Ghar ke nuskhe.

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When it came to my big day, I knew I had to take extra care! What I learnt was that expensive and exotic bridal packages may not always be your best bet. For me going the natural way worked. The only condition is that you have to be regular in maintaining the routine. Although there are many, I’d like to share this one skin care remedy that really did show results. Mix a tablespoon of oatmeal with a tablespoon of tomato juice and curd each. Mix well until you get a thick paste. Apply this on your face as a mask and leave it on for 30 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water. Start at least 4 weeks prior to the wedding and do this on a daily basis.

Deeksha, Media Marketeer

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5. Deep cleansing for the glow.

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Before the wedding I stopped eating outside for 3 to 4 months and stuck to pure home made food. I also kept up with my exercising routine and drank lots of water which is good for the skin and hair. During my bridal treatments, I opted for deep cleansing massages. They help in blood circulation and keep pimples and breakouts at bay. Also, always remember to test products a few months before your big day and then stick to the ones that suit your skin.

Kirti, Media Professional

6. Go the ayurvedic way.

6 bridal skincare secrets

I followed two ayurvedic equations to prep my skin for the wedding day. For the skin firming formula I used three main ingredients - aloe vera to tighten tissues and increase collagen, kesar to brighten the skin and sandalwood to make the skin soft. I also went in for an anti-wrinkle pack that includes ghee, honey to retain the skin moisture and a paste of almonds to add proteins and vitamin E.

Anjali Gulia, Professional at Kerastase

Images: Shared by the brides