This Desi Mom’s Reaction To Her Daughter Disturbing Her Anupamaa Time Is Relatable AF!

ShivaniShivani  |  Oct 8, 2021
This Desi Mom’s Reaction To Her Daughter Disturbing Her Anupamaa Time Is Relatable AF!


There are few things that unite all the desi moms – a good bargain, a gossip session and their favourite television shows. God forbid if you try to ever disturb them when they are watching their daily soap, brace yourself for dire consequences.

Recently a social media influencer named Chabi Gupta tried to tempt fate by disrupting her mom’s Anupamaa time.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’d know about the country-wide obsession with television drama series Anupamaa. The show features Rupali Ganguly as Anupamaa, a homemaker who is often overlooked in her family. 

In the viral video, Chabi’s mom was deeply engaged in the latest episode of the show but her ‘shanti’ was disturbed.

The social media star asked her mom about what she should do with her extension cord now that she is done with her work. 

Without missing a beat, like every desi mom, her mother replied, “Kya ho gaya? 2 minute koi chain se baith bhi nahi sakta hai. Hum apna serial dekh rahe hain. Humko serial dekhne do shanti se. (What is wrong now? Can’t let someone sit peacefully for 2 mins. I’m watching my serial, let me watch it.)”

Isn’t this the most desi mom reply ever? Later, the conversation took another hilarious turn when Chabi asked her mom where she  should put her cord. Her mom replied in the classic brown mom way and said, “Mere sar pe (On my head)”

The influencer shared the video and wrote, “@rupaliganguly taking all the attention always! #anupamatvshow” 

Take a look at the video:

Well, when it comes to Anupamaa, desi moms have their priorities in order! Even the show’s lead star Rupali has spoken about the attachment Indian moms have with the show. In a recent interview, she admitted that she’s under a lot of pressure and said, “There is an insane amount of pressure and no one is putting that on me, I am putting it on myself. I have got everything I wanted, people put so much faith in me, so I have to deliver my best. Now I feel more nervous than that of a newcomer. I do not think I felt the pressure on my debut show. I just hope and pray that my passion and enthusiasm translate on-screen.”

Well, given the love the show has received, Rupali need not worry!