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You Are Not Alone: Deepika’s Emotional Speech About Mental Health Will Move You To Tears

You Are Not Alone: Deepika’s Emotional Speech About Mental Health Will Move You To Tears

There are many reasons why we love Deepika Padukone–she always stands up for what she believes in, like turning up for protests in solidarity with JNU students. She has been vocal about her struggle with mental health, telling her story time and again to increase dialogue around depression and therapy. It must not be easy to open about the saddest parts of yourself, but she does it anyway. Well, this and her wide dimpled smile are just some of the reasons we adore DP.

While being honoured at the Crystal Awards at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Deepika addressed her mental health and the need to raise awareness about it. “In the time that it has taken me to accept this award, the world has lost one more person to suicide,” said Deepika. She also emphasised on the statistics that every 40 seconds, one person succumbs to suicide. Deepika listed the economic effect of anxiety and depression on the global economy, estimating it to be at one trillion dollars.

She then delved into her personal story and talked about her own struggle with depression and anxiety, which began in February of 2014, and how often she thought of “giving up.” She detailed how her mother made her seek professional health. 

Deepika even busted the myth about mental health, saying, “Anxiety and depression are treatable. In my experience, acceptance is the first step to recovery. Depression is a common yet serious illness. It is important to understand that anxiety and depression is like any other illness and treatable. It was the experience with this illness that encouraged me to set up Live Love Laugh.”

Her relationship with the illness taught her so much. “You are not alone,” she added, “But more importantly, there is hope.”

Watch the full video posted on Instagram below.

According to a report by the WHO, India is leading as the most depressed country followed by China and the USA which is a scary statistic to have. We have to make the conversation around mental health more common. More power to you, Deepika. You’re an inspiration to us all. 

Featured Image: Instagram

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20 Jan 2020

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