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70+ Dating App Bios That Will Get The Other Person To Swipe Right!

70+ Dating App Bios That Will Get The Other Person To Swipe Right!

We live in a world that’s constantly scrolling or swiping and that’s just the reality. There are so many reasons why dating apps have become so popular nowadays and as someone who has tried and tested almost all of them out, I’ve got to say, going for a quick rendezvous has never been easier. And if you’ve tried to make your profile too many times and chickened out or are looking to oomph up your profile with stunning pictures, we suggest that you pay some attention to your dating app bio too. So let’s get started and get you the best bio for Tinder profile, or Hinge or Coffee Meets Bagel or the million others that are out there! 

Funny Bio Ideas For Tinder Cause Hassee Toh Phasee (Or Phassa)

Having a funny bio for Tinder really sets the mood for you as a person because then they know you’re fun and witty and conversations with you won’t be run of the mill. 

  1. For the love of God, someone please date me so that I don’t have to third wheel with my parents all the time.
  2. People are getting married and having kids and I’m here just waiting for my McDonalds order to arrive. Single life, always free to chat!
  3. Am I cute? No. Do I have a stellar personality to make up for it. Also no. 
  4. Today I learned that the average person has about eight sexual partners in life. Today, I also learned that I’ve had way too much fun in life.
  5. I like my partners like I like my coffee. So swipe right if you’re hot and bitter.
  6. The last time I was someone’s type, I was donating blood.
  7. If you’re looking for a bad girl/boy then you’re in luck, I’m bad at everything.
  8. Looking for a badass. I already have a good ass.
  9. Two reasons to date me:
    You’d be the good looking one
  10. Don’t ask me for nudes because if we learned anything from the Titanic then it is that a girl could get her naked picture drawn in 1912, lock it in a safe on a ship, the ship could drown and her nude would still end up on television 84 years later. No one is safe. 
  11. Are you the bottom of the laptop? Cause you’re hot!
  12. Eh, I’ll do this part when I think of something better.
  13. Call me a musician. Or call me a writer. You can also call me a coffee addict. But just call me.
  14. I’ll carve out our names on a tree bark on the first date. It’s the most romantic way of letting you know that I have a knife.
  15. Say hi unless you’re my and in case you are, fuck off (insert ex’s name), it’s not happening.
  16. Just think about it, we meet, have a good time, date for a year, get married, have two kids and then things turn sour. You turn to alcohol and I look for younger men. Or we can just meet, have fun, you pull out and I’ll do the walk of shame in the morning. Think about the kids.
  17. Do you know who else likes food and travel? Everyone.
  18. I have raving reviews from my parents, in case you wanted personal recommendations.
  19. I don’t even care if you’re a serial killer at this point.
  20. Threesome? No thanks. If I’d want to disappoint two people in one room, I’d have dinner with my parents.
  21. I like being choked but sea turtles don’t, pick up your trash.
  22. Notable life achievements:
  • Can cook decent Maggi noodles
  • Has never been in jail before (except while playing Monopoly)
  • Semi-professional bathroom singer


Cool Tinder Bios That Everyone Can Use

best bio for dating app


If you want to go for a more, ‘I haven’t put too much thought into this’ vibe, we’ve got cool bios that you can choose from. Trust us, your bio for dating app is key in getting a match so scroll down to see some options.

  1. Felt cute, might delete later.
  2. Professional in-car singer seeking accompaniment.
  3. My favourite soup: Vodka.
  4. Love at first swipe.
  5. Certified gf/bf material.
  6. I’ll be your watermelon sugar high.
  7. You’ve found me. What were your two other wishes?
  8. Nothing lasts forever. BRB, looking for nothing.
  9. Tie your laces. Wouldn’t want you to fall for anyone else.
  10. Feel free to add me to your to-do list.
  11. I rearranged the alphabet and put U and I together.
  12. Awarded No. 1 Cuddler – My ex.
  13. Breakfast is my second fave thing to have in bed.
  14. Just your type.
  15. Batshit crazy for you.
  16. “I am so glad I right-swiped on (insert your name)” – Future You.


Cheesy Bios For Dating Apps So That They Fall For You Hard & Fast

We all love cheesy pick up lines, let’s not even lie about it. These cheesy bios for dating apps will make you a star.

  1. I’m new in town. Can you give me directions to your bedroom?
  2. Damn, are you a boxer cause I just got knocked out.
  3. What’s a great guy/gal like me doing without your phone number?
  4. Are you a bank loan? Cause you have my interest.
  5. Do you believe in love at first sight or should we match again?
  6. Sweeter than honey 😉
  7. Hi my name is Microsoft. Is it cool if I crash at yours?
  8. My hands may be dry in the pandemic but my personality isn’t.
  9. Are you Google? Cause I’ve been searching for you.
  10. Let me know if you have an extra heart cause mine was stolen.
  11. Will put on my nicest top and grossest sweatpants for our virtual date.
  12. I’ll spread love, not the virus.
  13. Your parents will love me but your neighbours won’t.
  14. I’m not a photographer but I can picture you and me together.
  15. Are you my appendix? Cause I have a funny feeling in my stomach and I feel I should take you out.
  16. Are you an orphanage? Cause I wanna give you kids.
  17. I’ll give up my food to spoon you instead.
  18. Do you want to see a beautiful picture? Hold up a mirror.
  19. Are you a magician? Cause whenever I look at you everyone else disappears.
  20. There must be a lightswitch on my forehead because every time I look at you, you turn me on.
  21. Hi, I was writing an essay on the finer things in life and I was wondering when I could interview you.

Catchy Bio Ideas That’ll Make ‘Em Stop & Stare

good dating app bios



Now that we are discussing dating app bios, might as well look at some catchy bios for Tinder or Hinge that’ll grab all the attention. They’ll read it and they’ll definitely want to know more about you.

  1. If I read one more Office reference on Tinder, I’ll go full Dwight Schrute here.
  2. I look at Tinder for making friends the same way I look at Pornhub for fixing the leaky sink.
  3. I’m not on social media so you won’t have to worry about showing the world we broke up.
  4. I’m a regular stand up gal/ guy but I’ll be a regular sit down gal/ guy if you ask me out.
  5. 80s music takes me back to the good times like when I wasn’t alive.
  6. No, I will not play Despacito.
  7. The only thing lower than my standards is my self-esteem.

Clever Dating App Bios For A Guaranteed ‘It’s A Match’ Notification

Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to come off as smart then these interesting bios for dating apps will do the trick. Clever bios will set you apart from the rest and that’ll show up in the number of matches you get.

  1. Put any random food in front of me and I’ll whip you up 😉
  2. If you’re seeking a reliable pen pal during the coronavirus pandemic, hmu.
  3. Will shamelessly use my dog to flirt with you.
  4. Benefits of matching with me: I will play online Ludo with you and I give great TV recommendations.
  5. Finance executive by day indie music lover by night.
  6. “Don’t show up, don’t come out, don’t start caring about me now” – Dua Lipa but also me right now.
  7. Tried Tinder not going through Bumble.
  8. I consume travel shows, talk shows and also space in your thoughts.
  9. Hopefully you like sarcasm.
  10. Drinks, science, pizza and ten other generic human interests.


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