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Online Dating Etiquette: List Of 12 Dos And Don'ts To Live By

Online Dating Etiquette: List Of 12 Dos And Don'ts To Live By

When the dot-com bubble hit us, online dating was one of the major things that changed the game. With it came the acceptance of hook-ups, blind dates and even one night stands. With tiny apps on your smartphone that set you up with your 'right match', the whole dating scenario has experienced a dramatic shift in the last decade.

Online dating and real-life dating may have certain similarities but they are poles apart. You don't know who you're dealing/interacting with. It could be a psychopath or even your knight in shining armour. If you've created a profile and want to try your hand at it, here are some dos and don'ts you must know of to make the experience better. Read on!


1. Make A Good First Impression

If you send "Hey", chances are you wouldn't get a reply. Channel your witty and quirky side and send a message that would want them to revert. And above all, install Grammarly on your device. Trust me, when you're trying to flirt, you don't want to send typos.

1 Do

2. Reply At Least Within 24 Hours

Don't act too pricey and make them wait for too long. Chances are you'll make them lose interest in talking to you. Don't take more than a day to get back to them if you want to take it forward.

3. Be Subtle

Be nice to them and sensitive towards their feelings. Don't say things that would hurt them or things you wouldn't say to them in-person. Control your tongue and keep the humour subtle and less sarcastic.

3 Do

4. Wait Long Enough Before Giving Out Your Digits

It's always good to know the person before you let them in. Don't rush into exchanging numbers too soon. Interact with them, let conversations fall into place before they come to your place.

5. Be Yourself, Be Honest

The online world does help you ghost your identity but you must never base a relationship on lies. Be who you are and tell them the truth about yourself. Don't pretend to be someone, just so they would like you.

5 Do

6. Let Them Know If You're Not Interested Anymore

It's best to be straightforward about what you're feeling. Don't keep anyone living in oblivion. Pick their bubble if you have to. It's better to hurt them in the short run than scar them in the long run.


1. Don't Use Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

It's a big turn off if you hit on them before knowing them at all. Using cheesy, cheap and regular pick-up lines will disgust them and might even get you blocked. So. refrain from creeping them out.

1 Dont

2. Don't Spam Their Inbox

Your job is done after you've initiated the conversation. Wait for their reply for at least three-four days before sending a reminder text. Don't bombard them with too many messages and smother them. Live and let live.

3. Don't Judge The Other Person

You neither know them nor know where they're coming from, so, abstain from passing comments or being judgemental. Give them a fair chance to express themselves. Try to give them the comfort to share things with you.

3 Dont

4. Don't Send Revealing Pictures

Your information is not safe online - no matter how much an app insists it is. Don't share messages or pictures you're not comfortable showing your friends and family. 

5. Don't Take Everything To Heart

They don't mean to hurt you intentionally. Seldom there can be a difference of opinion. Don't jump to conclusions and snap at them before knowing the whole story. Also, avoid taking things too personally.

5 Dont

6. Don't Meet Rush Into Meeting Them In-Person

You must always know what you're getting into. Take your own sweet time to know the person well enough before making any plans to meet them in-person. Take things slow. Don't rush into it. Decisions must never be taken in haste.

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Published on Jul 14, 2018
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