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WARNING! 7 Beauty Treatments To Be VERY Careful About

With so many beauty trends thronging our consciousness, it’s difficult to decipher what’s good for us and what isn’t. But, in our bid to look beautiful, are we putting our health at risk? We give you a few common beauty treatments that are potentially dangerous, and will leave you wondering if they’re worth the effort at all!


1. Mani-Pedis

dangerous beauty treatments

Our favourite trip to the salon definitely includes a manicure and pedicure. There’s just something about pretty nails that can help make us feel SO much better. However, unclean or unsanitized tools and dirty pedicure tubs can lead to a variety of infections. So, make sure the salon you visit is clean and trustworthy.

Also, the recent trend of gel manicures (a glossy manicure that will last you a while and remain chip-free for a few weeks) comes with a number of health hazards. From harmful UV lights to drying and damaging your cuticles and weakening your nail beds – it puts a lot at risk. We tell you everything you need to know about gel manicures here.

2. Hair Smoothening Treatments

dangerous beauty treatments

Hair Smoothening such as Keratin treatments, or the Brazilian Blowout in particular, may leave you with smoother, frizz-free strands, but it has received plenty of flack for being potentially cancer-causing. It contains formaldehyde, which when inhaled can cause a number of problems related to the respiratory system, eyes and nervous system. The latest Cysteine treatment is a much safer option, we think.

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3. Laser Hair Removal

dangerous beauty treatments

Getting rid of unwanted hair for good can tempt any of us into splurging on laser hair removal, but there is a downside. At first, it received flack for releasing dangerous chemicals in the air, but recent laser processes are said to be much safer. However, using a high-power laser on the wrong skin type can lead to rashes, blisters and irritation. So, make sure to go to a reputed professional. Plus, wearing protective eyewear during the process is ABSOLUTELY necessary.

4. Botox Injections

dangerous beauty treatments

These cosmetic injections are widely popular around the globe for visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines. They are relatively safe when administered by a professional. Otherwise, you run the risk of swelling, bruising and even botched results like muscle weakness and droopy eyes.

5. False Eyelashes

dangerous beauty treatments

Falsies can instantly give you thicker, longer and more gorgeous lashes, but they can also cause some damage to your eyes. False eyelashes can lead to blurry vision, eye irritation and infections. Constantly taking them off means literally pulling at your real lashes. Also, the glue used to stick them can cause irritation and infections.

6. Fish Pedicures

dangerous beauty treatments

Fish foot spas definitely sound fascinating, but we suggest trying them at your own risk. These spas are all bout many, many tiny fish nibbling away at the dead skin of your feet, to give you softer, smoother skin. However, there is a chance of these fish spreading infections from one customer to another, especially if the tank water isn’t changed regularly. The risks may be low, but these procedures can spread fatal diseases like HIV and hepatitis. So, exercise caution!

7. Juice Cleanse

dangerous beauty treatments

We already know that fad diets are harmful, even if they help you lose those extra pounds. A juice cleanse is no different. Even if they are made from fresh fruits and vegetables, starvation is never healthy. It can lead to the breaking down of muscle tissue and can even damage the heart in extreme situations.

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06 May 2016

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