#BearHug: 12 Cute Ways To End That Stupid Fight With Him!

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016
#BearHug: 12 Cute Ways To End That Stupid Fight With Him!


Okay, so you had a stupid fight with him, and honestly now you don’t even remember what it was all about? We’ve all been there! All you know is that you really miss him and want to make it up to him. Ladies, do not waste another minute in waiting to show him your love –  we bring you 12 adorable ideas that’ll work wonders to end that fight!

1. Remind him of your happy moments together

Dig into your phone and fish out old photographs of the two of you together, or texts from the days when you had just started dating. Send them to him with a cute note saying: “We found a love worth fighting for, not fighting over.” Trust us, nostalgia will work its magic and the two of you will soon be making peace!

2. Show him how you feel

Be at your adorable best – take a puppy-face selfie, being all dramatically sad and sorry. He won’t be able to fight with all that cuteness overload! OR, you could even swipe on that red lipstick and pout into your camera and send him a sexy selfie: “A big kiss for the stupid fight?”

2 - stop fighting with him

3. Serve him breakfast in bed

Now that you’ve slept over your fight, give the day and your relationship a fresh start. Wake up a little early and make him breakfast. Make him feel like a king, by serving it to him in bed, along with some fresh flowers and a note saying: “You are the one I want to wake up next to all my life.” Awwww! Right?

4. Bring him lunch at work!

Food is the (most sure shot) way to a man’s heart, and maybe you could make him some, pack it into a box and surprise him amidst his busy day at work – don’t stick around, let the food work its own magic.

4 - stop fighting with him

5. Ask him out on a dinner date

No fight can survive a romantic dinner date. Reserve a table at a nice restaurant, wear that dress he loves on you and order his favourite meal… Trust us, there’ll be no war happening that night!

6. Or pick him up for a movie

Buy two tickets to a movie you know he’s been wanting to watch, and let him know you have a show to catch in an hour! A spontaneous outing + a movie he’s into = win-win! Not to mention you beside him, holding his hand – such a happy ending!

6 - stop fighting with him

7. OR get tickets to his fav game/ concert

Especially if it’s something that he’s been planning to go to for so long. Arrange for the tickets, and maybe even clue his friends in on the scene. We’re sure he’ll be only too eager to forget the fight and plan the day as soon as he gets his hands on those tickets!

8. Plan a special delivery for him!

It’s the surprise factor of this delivery that will delight him! Get him something that he’s been eyeing – maybe that toolkit he’s been going on and on about – and put in a cute card saying “We screwed up, baby, let’s fix it now.” He’ll pick up his phone and call you right away!

8 - stop fighting with him

9. Offer him a massage

Uhm… Well, THAT should instantly help make peace! ;-P

10. Write him a letter

Simply put to words everything that you feel went wrong. Tell him how much you love him, and how the fight’s not worth it. Ladies, we are certain your honest words will break through his anger.

10 - stop fighting with him

11. Or sneak in a love note when he least expects it

Slip in a little love note saying “I miss you, I miss you holding me tight” when he’s in the study, or maybe even send it as a text while he’s at work. Make him smile. 🙂

12. Or just simply walk up to him and hug him tight…

Tell him this is the place you want to be, and you never wanna let go… It’ll melt his heart and he’ll hug you right back. Just like that, everything will be all right again!

12 - stop fighting with him

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