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12 Cute Stationery Items For The Stationery Junkie In You

12 Cute Stationery Items For The Stationery Junkie In You

As a certified stationery hoarder, I often find myself browsing the internet for the cutest stationery available out there. Because there is no such thing as too many notebooks and you can never have enough post-its! Hence, I made a list of the cutest stationery out there (my personal shopping list actually). So, good luck making it to the end without spending all your money!

1. Chocolate Memo Pad


Good enough to eat! Isn’t it? Perfect for the #foreverhungry souls out there, this chocolate memo pad is just delish.

Price: ₹ 300. Buy it here.

2. Gifting Collection


The perfect gift wrapping set, complete with 4 wrapping sheets and 10 gift tags. It’s colourful and you’ll find something for any occasion.

Price: ₹ 350. Buy it here.

3. Notebook – Open Windows


Perfect for the generation of internet addicts, who needs fresh air when you’ve got memes?

Price: ₹ 299. Buy it here.

4. Chips Memo Pads


Food and stationery go hand in hand, munch on these this week.

Price: ₹ 550. Buy it here.

5. Eiffel Tower Scissors


Just one of those tiny cute things you didn’t know you needed!

Price: ₹ 400. Buy it here.

6. Bricks Notepad


This Lego inspired notepad will bring back all your childhood memories.

Price: ₹ 595. Buy it here.

7. Bugs Bunny Notebook


Because you are never too old for Looney Tunes, so what’s up doc?

Price: ₹ 149. Buy it here.

8. Petite Weekly Planner


Every procrastinator needs this, making lists is just the first step to getting things done.

Price: ₹ 1,510. Buy it here.

9. Recipe Cards


Next time you sit down to watch Masterchef, keeps these handy. You might never use the recipes, but at least you tried!

Price: ₹ 160. Buy it here.

10. One In A Million


Self-love is the best kind of love! You come first, keep this notebook handy so you never forget.

Price: ₹ 295. Buy it here.

11. Radio Visiting Card Holder


A great addition to your ‘adult’ desk. Also, now you have a perfectly good reason to get some visiting cards printed.

Price: ₹ 599. Buy it here.

12. Compliment Pencil Set


Boost your confidence with this set of 10 pencils that’ll make you feel amazing about yourself!

Price: ₹ 1,250. Buy it here.

Happy shopping, ladies!

02 Nov 2017

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