Tied Up Pretty: These Hair Ties Will Look And Feel Amazing On Your Tresses!

Vatsala VatsVatsala Vats  |  Nov 14, 2017
Tied Up Pretty: These Hair Ties Will Look And Feel Amazing On Your Tresses!

Did you know that your standard hair tie can cause hairfall? A lot of us make the mistake of using hair ties unsuited for our hair texture leading to irreversible hair damage. But worry not I put my research skills to use and went on a hunt to find hair ties for every hair texture. The best part? They come in pretty designs that won’t only protect your gorgeous mane but elevate your look too.

1. For Thin Hair


Pretty floral details are an upgrade from the basic black band. The smooth finish makes it ideal for thin hair. Why do I love it? Because it not only looks great on my hair but on my wrist too!

Price: ₹ 289. Buy it here.

2. For Thick Hair


These hair ties have a red-hot purpose: to keep your thick hair looking long and luscious. These babies will help you bid farewell to waves and frizz.

Price: ₹ 390. Buy it here.

3. For Chemically Treated Hair


These velvet hair ties are perfect for fine, straightened and fragile hair. Velvet is known for causing less breakage and split-ends because of its silky smooth texture. Yes, you and your hairdresser can thank me later.

Price: ₹ 360. Buy it here.

4. For Hair Buns and Top Knots


Invest in a few of these multi-functional hair ties. Its thick texture makes it super durable to hold even the widest of messy or neat hair buns.

Price: ₹ 399. Buy it here.

5. For Ponytails


You know these babies are the most loyal hair ties out there. They are durable, can hold a pony of any length and are extremely fuss-free.

Price: ₹ 391. Buy it here.

6. For Events


Soft and pretty this hair tie adds a fun touch to a day or night look. An added bonus? This one is strong enough to hold any length or texture (even thick hair).

Price: ₹ 145. Buy it here.