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Curtain Bangs Are The Latest ‘It’ Hair Trend On Instagram & We’re Totally On Board!

Curtain Bangs Are The Latest ‘It’ Hair Trend On Instagram & We’re Totally On Board!

At least once, each one of us has thought about getting bangs during this social isolation period. Some people have taken the plunge and snipped their hair while others have let it be a passing thought. If you’re the first kind, then kudos, you’re bold and adventurous but if you’ree the second kind, we’ve got a bangs hair trend that you won’t be able to say no to! 

Introducing, curtain bangs that basically frame all face shapes and can be styled in very different ways depending on your preference. From celebrities to Instagram influencers, you’ll notice everyone hopping on this hair trend and the reason for that is the versatility of it.

Trust us, after seeing these photographs, you won’t be able to resist snipping your hair just a little too!

Beach Waves For A Holiday Look

Celebrity hairstylist and founder of OUAI, Jen Atkins chopped her hair to join the Insta trend. When paired with wavy hair, curtain bangs, seamlessly blend into the loose curls for a romantic, beachy vibe. For styling, use a wide barrel curling iron to make your strands wavy and then run your fingers through them to open them up.


Curly Hair, Don’t Care

The singer who made us fall in love with her song Havanah also got curtain bangs and she looks stunning in them. She styled her hair in a half up half down manner, letting her long curls do all the talking for her. She just proved that these bangs look just as sexy with messy hair as they do with a chic, styled look.

Hello, Natural Hair

The one problem everyone has with bangs is that you’ve to constantly be styling it but Daisy Jones proves otherwise. Her bangs became the center of attention when the show Normal People blew up earlier this year and we’re still not over them. Rocking them with her straight, natural hair, she proves to us that it doesn’t actually take much effort to put together this hair lewk.

With A Chic Updo

How can we talk about curtain bangs and forget Dakota Johnson aka Anastasia Steele? She looked super glam in this hairstyle as she let the bangs be the main attention while the rest of her hair was pulled back in a chic updo. Perfect for a Zoom party? Hell yeah!

For Those Gorgeous Tresses

JLo did it too, guys! She styled her curtain bangs with a center parting to frame her face in a gorgeous way. Shee left them slightly wavy to go with the rest of her mane and it looked beautiful. We’re sure hair extensions have helped with the length but this just goes to show that these bangs can be carried off on any hair length and type.

So, ready to rock these bangs?

05 Oct 2020

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