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6 Luxe Body Washes That Are Going To Make Your Bath Routine Super Indulgent

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Sep 27, 2021
6 Luxe Body Washes That Are Going To Make Your Bath Routine Super Indulgent


Last Friday at 7 pm, one of my girlfriends texted me and asked “What plans for this weekend?”

“Travelling for a family thing. A girl can’t catch her breath!” I replied.

As excited as I was to make a short domestic trip, I was also dreading losing two days of lazy self-care. Hello! That’s a working woman’s birthright. Between online classes and meetings, work, period cramps, gym days, zoom birthday meetups, painful waxing appointments, and whatnot, a girl can only depend on 2 things – a heavy flow tampon and indulging self-care.


My 20-something years of living an always anxious life have taught me to never underestimate the power of a relaxing spa day at home. This weekend, not only was I missing out on my pre-planned self-care sesh at home, but the day activities had me losing all the spa slots at the hotel. 8 pm on Sunday night before my red-eye, a cartoon bulb in my thought cloud lit bright with an idea. I rushed back to my hotel room and phoned in a couple of candles. Voila! Turns out that your basic at-home indulging baths can also become a DIY spa sesh in your hotel bathroom. Apart from your favourite scented candles and calming music, the hero ingredient to this magic hour recipe is a luxurious body wash.

During that unexpectedly calm late-night flight back home, I decided to make a list for you, besties. I gathered the names of all my personal favourite luxe body washes that have never disappointed me. So if you’re someone who is on the lookout for the ultimate upgrade to their bath routine, you might want to take a peek:

Must-Try Favourites

A Rescue To The Mountains

A 20 minute getaway to the mountains doesn’t sound too bad, eh? This Kama Ayurveda Himalayan Deodar Body Cleanser has a beautiful combination of jasmine and rose fragrance. Its nourishing formula keeps the skin hydrated and plump.

For Skin That Feels Like Silk

Forest Essentials Silkening Shower Wash Soundarya stays true to its title in every sense. It is a blend of ancient Indian beautifying ingredients like saffron, gold bhasma, and turmeric, that leaves your skin feeling silky soft and luxuriously pampered.

Who Can Say No To Anything French?

L’Occitane is the king of French body care, and this gently cleansing shower gel is a huge hit. If you’re a body wash connoisseur, this little number from Provence cannot miss your list.

Lime, Basil, And Everything Fresh

This Jo Malone best seller is infused with a spirited mix of fresh fragrances that are sure to set your mood right. Leave all your worries behind and power up for the week ahead with this revitalizing body cleansing gel.

A Luxe Bath In Its True Sense

If you’re looking for something very feminine-luxe, you cannot do better than this Dior body wash. Formulated with a heady floral fragrance, this body wash for women is an explosion of joy and bliss for your bath time. It has a soft and creamy texture that feels like a warm envelope of luxury.

For A Luxurious Aroma That Lingers

The fragrance is one of the most important parts of an indulging bathing experience. And if you’re a fan of sheer, transparent fragrances, this shower oil is a can’t-miss. It gently cleanses the skin with delicate foam and leaves a delicious scent behind that lingers throughout the day.

And if you don’t even have the luxury of sparing 30 minutes for an extensive pamper sesh, try your hand at relaxing skincare. I swear it works.

Stashed up on your luxe bath essentials yet?

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