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Wear It Like A Crown: These Stunning Hairdos Are *Perfect* For All Bridesmaids

Wear It Like A Crown: These Stunning Hairdos Are *Perfect* For All Bridesmaids

Crown braids make for the perfect hairstyle for bridesmaids! After all, they do look elegant, royal and gorgeous no matter what time of the day the occasion is. If your bestie is getting hitched and you’re looking for some hairstyle inspiration to shine on her wedding day, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll have you spoilt for choice with the hairstyles we’ve listed below. They’re not only super simple to do, but they’ll also make your squad look like a million bucks on the bride’s big day. Here are 7 crown hairstyles for bridesmaids we think you’ll love.

1. Mother Of Pearls

Permed mocha locks embellished with dainty pearl pins has the potential to fetch your gang a bunch of compliments. We love how sophisticated and aesthetic this hairstyle looks. Styling your hair in this fashion for your bestie’s wedding makes you look a total bombshell.

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2. Waves That Slay  

Highlights and braids go hand in hand. If minimal styling is your cup of tea, don’t opt for accessories or flowers. Instead just leave the crown braid as it is and let your waves do all the talking. *Wink*

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3. Braids Of Glory

When in doubt, always opt for a milkmaid crown braid. Use bobby pins, hairspray and clips to secure the bun and try to keep it as neat and tidy. Team the hairstyle with a lovely pastel off-shoulder dress and you’re bound to turn heads wherever you go!

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4. The Classic Low Bun

When you team a low braid with side braids, the results are bound to look amazing. After making the crown, use flowers to decorate your braid. Once that’s done, slip into your nude pair of kitten heels, zip up that tube dress and don’t forget to put on your earring studs to complete the look.  

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Hairstyles For Bridesmaids

5. Hair Accessories For The Win!

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Imagine how majestic this crown braid will look on your friend’s wedding day! If you love accessories, we urge you to go all out with them. Jewels, colourful beads, bows, ribbons – basically any blingy hair accessory that will make your mane stand out.

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6. Messy With A Twist

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If your vision is to look natural and pretty at the wedding, this messy, loose crown braid will make that dream of yours come true. To bring out the best in this hairstyle, wear a backless dress teamed with a matching coloured shawl, and you and your girls will look like pretty pixies.

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7. The Beautiful Fishtail Crown

If you don’t fancy buns or waves, you surely will love this unique hairstyle. It’s a fishtail topknot half-crown braid, and sporting this hairstyle to a wedding will WOW all the guests. You can even skip on the hair accessories, because keeping it simple will make you win everyone’s heart at the wedding (Including the bride and groom).

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18 Dec 2017

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