Not Just Buns! 7 Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyles You've Got To Try!

Not Just Buns! 7 Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyles You've Got To Try!
We love the neatly-tied high bun on brides. It’s been the go-to bridal hairstyle since forever now. But that also means that it’s about time you try newer and fresher wedding hairstyles. And trust our real brides to do just that! From giving an all new twist to the juda to pretty braids, you need to check out these 7 hairstyles for brides! 

1. Side-parted juda

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Want to give your face a softer look? Ask your hairstylist for a side parting. This bridal hairstyle works best if you have a side fringe. Give the fringe some bounce and part it the way you always do.

Photo credit: Jasmina Bharwani Puri Wedding

2. Twisted braids with juda

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We love this bride's take on the traditional bridal bun. Twisted loose braids at the crown are totally new and also add a fun element to this traditional wedding hairdo

3. Twist and twirl

This bride decided to leave her gorgeous long locks loose and we aren’t complaining. Such a refreshing change! It’s not a braid, her hair is just twisted up and the flyaways pinned in place. Such a fresh hairstyle for brides.

4. Keeping it low

A low bun always looks extremely elegant and this bride is proof. Stepping away from a tight high bun, she chose to give her hair some volume at the front and a low messy bun at the back. Now that is one gorgeous wedding hairstyle.


5. Let loose!

Tired of tying up your hair? Leave them loose for an amazing wedding hairstyle! If you’ve got short hair, don’t bother with extensions or a fake bun. Keep it fuss-free and carry off your natural look with style.

6. The pretty braid

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Let’s not restrict braids to just the mehendi function. A popular choice with South-Indian and Sikh brides, braids look fab for the wedding day. Adorn it with pretty little hair pins or fresh flowers for the perfect bridal hairstyle.

7. Let’s just mess it up

An unconventional choice, this Sikh bride’s hair game is spot on. It’s messy, has a half up do look and the loose ends are curled softly. We absolutely love this hairstyle for brides

Featured Image: Jasmina Bharwani Puri Wedding

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