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Braided wedding hairstyles for the mehendi ceremony!

Braided wedding hairstyles for the mehendi ceremony!

When it comes to the mehendi ceremony, most brides opt for a pretty braid to match their outfit. And braid hairstyles, as we see, are getting more and more fabulous by the day. So dear brides-to-be, if you’re looking for some hairdo inspiration for the big day, here’s help! We've found 10 of the most amazing real bride braided wedding hairstyles inspirations for you. Don’t forget to bookmark this!

1. A voluminous fishtail

1 braid hairstyles

Image: Morvi Images on Instagram

Fishtails have always been our favorite braided wedding hairstyles. But you can go a step ahead and opt for a more voluminous fish braid which is slightly puffed out. It just looks that much more elaborate and bridal.

2. Twisted prettiness!

2 braid hairstyles

Image: Morvi Images on Instagram

Want a stylish and no-fuss look for your mehendi? These twisted braided wedding hairstyles with volume at the crown is just perfect. Whether you have long hair or short, this clean and stylish look will look just fab.

3. Bring back basics

3 braid hairstyles

Image: Cupcake Productions on Instagram

When in doubt, stick to the basics. We love it when brides don traditional braided wedding hairstyles. When you’re wearing a heavy outfit or jewellery, a subtle hairdo like this is all you need.

4. Mess it up!

4 braid hairstyles

Image: Bhumi & Simran Photography on Instagram

Messy braids are and will always be one of our favourite braided wedding hairstyles! A nice messy braid with tons of volume on the crown and loose strands to frame your face. You don’t have to think twice before opting for something like this!

5. Keeping it stylish!

5 braid hairstyles

Image: Paveena Rathour on Instagram

If you seriously want to stand out at your mehendi, here is what you need. A side swept look with the braid starting from one side of your hair and extending all the way to the other side. Twisted and messy with lots of loose strands, this is just one of the fab braided wedding hairstyles of all times!

6. A lovely fishtail

6 braid hairstyles

Image: Gautam Khullar Photography on Instagram

One can never go wrong with nicely done braided wedding hairstyles. But what we love more is the slightly twisted and neatly pinned front. Such a charming and neat look for your mehendi function.

7. Just the right kind of messy!

7 braid hairstyles

Image: Morvi Images on Instagram

Braided wedding hairstyles that start at the nape of the neck and look every bit gorgeous! Thick and messy with tousled hair to frame the face, this is just the prettiest look ever. Love the tiny flowers in the braid too!

8. Jasmine inspired!

8 braid hairstyles

Image: Jasmeet Kapany Hair & Makeup on Instagram

What do we say! This truly is one epic braid. Inspired by the character of princess Jasmine, we love such perfectly done bubble braid hairstyles. While this was a theme function, a braid like this will look fabulous for your mehendi too.

9. Twisted and so elegant

9 braid hairstyles

Image: Makeup by Prerna Khullar on Instagram

Not-so-typical and stylised bridal braids, this is one hairdo that totally will make you stand out. Lots of volume at the crown with strands twisted inwards. So elegant and classy, right?!

10. The rope braid

10 braid hairstyles

Image: Makeup Artist Simran Takkar on Instagram

We’re loving this bride’s stylish bridal braids and oh-so-pretty rope effect. If you’ve got long, thick hair then nothing looks better than a nice rope braid. It’s a fresh new style that you’ve totally got to try!