These Real-Life Heroes Are Risking Their Lives To Save Covid-19 Patients

Naina SharmaNaina Sharma  |  Mar 31, 2020
These Real-Life Heroes Are Risking Their Lives To Save Covid-19 Patients


The number of active coronavirus cases in India has shot up to 1,238 and the fatal virus has claimed 35 lives (according to the latest data released by the government). Despite the nationwide lockdown, the figures are increasing with each passing day. The coronavirus pandemic has now reached over 150 countries and people are living in fear.

A global health crisis like this can bring out the worst in people, but sometimes it also give us inspiring stories of people who choose to help others selflessly. 

Meet Covid Warriors, Helping Those In Need Amid Cronavirus Crisis

From young ones helping the elderly to a doctor postponing her wedding to treat COVID-19 patients, here are stories of a few superheroes who are doing their best to help others in this unfortunate health crisis. 

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Locals help Elderly in Kolkata

Locals in Kolkata (West Bengal) have been helping senior citizens in their locality, called Uniworld City, ever since the lockdown was announced. “We realised that the ones living alone might face some difficulties purchasing basic daily essentials,” one of the locals told a leading daily. Just like them, if there are elderly staying alone in your neighbourhood, you can also help by buying their groceries, other essentials and delivering them door-to-door. 

Total number of confirmed cases in West Bengal: 26

Kerala Doctor Postpones Wedding To Treat Patients

Hindustan Times

Dr. Shifa M Mohammed, a 23-year-old surgeon at the Pariyaram Medical College Hospital in Kannur, was supposed to get married to a Dubai-based businessman on March 29. However,  she postponed her wedding due to the current coronavirus outbreak. The doctor told her parents, “Marriage can wait, not my patients, who are struggling for their lives in isolation wards.” 

The day her wedding was scheduled to happen, she was in the corona ward attending to patients. “I didn’t do anything great. I did only my duty,” she added. Dr Shifa further added that she isn’t the only one and there are many like her who postponed their personal engagements to attend to patients. 

Total number of confirmed cases in Kerala: 234

Uttarakhand Man Uses His Car As Ambulance

Ganesh Bhatt, a 32-year-old man from Devprayag in Tehri Garhwal district, has found a unique way to help those in need. He is using his car as an ambulance-cum-delivery vehicle to help others. He came up with this idea after learning that the drivers in his area had refused to take patients to the hospitals because of the fear of contracting the fatal virus. Till now, he has helped about 24 people get treatment in the hilly region. 

“We all know how the healthcare system is in the hilly regions of our state; ambulance services are not efficient even at the best of times and to top that, now local drivers do not want to take people to hospitals even if they are paid Rs 2000, as they are scared they might get infected. So I started using my own car as an ambulance,” Ganesh told a leading daily. If you would like to support Ganesh, call him on +91 9410530387.

Total number of confirmed cases in Uttarakhand: 7

Delhi Cops Help Elderly


Cops in Delhi have been coming forward to help the poor and elderly in any way possible. The Delhi Govt has started a WhatsApp service where the elderly text policemen and the cops to provide them with any essential item that they need during the lockdown. Apart from this, in a particular incident that took place in the national capital yesterday, the Station House Officer of the Najafgarh Police Station distributed food to the homeless.

Total number of confirmed cases in Delhi: 97

UP’s Tansgender Community Feeding Migrant Workers

In a heartwarming gesture from Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly, about 50 transgenders are providing food to approximately 100 migrant labourers who are returning home amid lockdown. In Prayagraj too, a group of about transgenders are doing the best they can to serve food and water bottles to the homeless.

Transgenders, who are otherwise a target to social shaming are now being looked up to for their considerate gesture. “We have stationed ourselves near the temples because most of the homeless and migrants come here for relief. We are using our savings to help people caught in the lockdown,” said Ishwari, a transgender.

Total number of confirmed cases in Uttar Pradesh: 103

Army Distributes Food In J&K

The defence forces in Jammu and Kashmir are going beyond the call of duty to distribute food items to the stranded labourers and the needy. Locals have lauded the efforts made by the Army and CRPF personnel. “The situation could have been very bad for me if the defence personnel had not come to the rescue and given food items. Defence personnel provided me and many others with wheat, oil, vegetable and other staples,”said one of the labourers.

Total number of confirmed cases in Jammu and Kashmir: 54

It’s a confusing and scary time for a world enduring the pandemic. Practicing social distancing and staying at home have become the need of the hour. And while some of us go on complaining about missing the comfort and convenience of our normal lives, so many don’t even have the privilege of staying comfortably in their homes. At a time like this, we need to come forward, take proactive steps to help those in need. After all, we are all in this together.  

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