Is It Safe To Get The COVID-19 Vaccine During Your Period? Dr Meenakshi Ahuja Weighs In

Tanya SharmaTanya Sharma  |  Apr 29, 2021
Is It Safe To Get The COVID-19 Vaccine During Your Period? Dr Meenakshi Ahuja Weighs In


Misinformation from unverified forwarded messages can be unnerving at best and dangerous at worst. As soon as you delete one message, five more people will send you the same thing. And eventually, someone vulnerable will fall for it. And just as the government announced that vaccines will be available to everybody over 18, one particular rumour started spreading like wildfire. 

The message warned people who menstruate to be careful about when to get the jab. It stated that they should not get vaccinated during their period, five days before it as well as five days after. It further read, “as your immunity is low during periods, the dose of vaccine can further decrease it…leading to high risk of attack!”

As expected, this message caused unnecessary panic among people, and the message was forwarded by various WhatsApp groups and Instagram meme pages. But how much of it is true? We spoke to Dr Meenakshi Ahuja, Director, Fortis La Femme New Delhi, for clarification.

“There is no link between the vaccine and our period. Vaccines generate active immunity and can be given before, after or even during the periods,” she said, adding that our immunity is not affected by our period.

But what if one is suffering from ailments that affect our ovaries and uterus? “You can get the vaccine whether you have PCOS, cysts, endometriosis or fibroids. It can be taken if you are planning a pregnancy,” said Dr Ahuja.

She only advised against getting the vaccine if someone is pregnant or breastfeeding. “The vaccine is not recommended for pregnant women and lactating women. Also if you had COVID recently, wait for 6-12 weeks after recovery before you register for your jab.”

So the bottom line is—the vaccine will have NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER on your period. In fact, it will protect you against a lethal virus. Given that our country is currently struggling with the second wave of the COVID-19 crisis, the vaccine will actually help save millions of lives. So please don’t fall for fake news. Register to get your jab on, and help India get one step closer to defeating this pandemic!

Featured Image: Instagram