Missing Your Parlour Wali Didi? Here’s How You Can Give Yourself An At Home Mani-Pedi

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Mar 23, 2020
Missing Your Parlour Wali Didi? Here’s How You Can Give Yourself An At Home Mani-Pedi

Why is it that spending a long day at the parlour is far more therapeutic than anything else in the world? I swear I feel like a whole new person after a nice mani-pedi session at the parlour, ready to do just about anything. But now that we’ve all locked ourselves into our homes thanks to coronavirus, why not master the art of giving yourself a mani-pedi? With the right kind of resources (read: tools, patience), anything is possible.

You know what time is it? Time for a manicure and pedicure!

How To Give Your Self An At Home Manicure & Pedicure

You can’t go out, I can’t go out, nobody can go out; Coronavirus is a real pain in the ass throat. But you can always do creative things, like turning your home into a salon!

So, spread out a carpet, bring in all your tools, dim the lights, light a candle or turn on an air diffuser, play some light music and let us begin our DIY mani-pedi

Here’s What You Need

– Cotton & acetone

– A bowl and a tub filled with lukewarm water

– Bath Salts

– Scrub & Body Lotion

– Pumice stone, Foot File

– Cuticle trimmer

– Cuticle oil

– Nail strengthener

– Hand towel

– Nail paints & tools (nail cutter, nail filer)


Step 1: Start by removing the nail polish from your nails, if any. After your nails are nail polish free, dip your hands in the bowl for about 20 minutes and your feet in a bucket filled with lukewarm water. Throw in some bath salts into the water. This will not only make you relax but it will also soothe your skin.


Step 2: Use a scrub all over your hands to get rid of any dead skin. Use a warm washcloth dipped in water to wipe off the excess scrub.

Step 3: Cut your nails and dry them off. Use a nail filer to shape them. Use the same filer to clean your nail beds and make sure there’s no dirt trapped there. Next, use a cuticle cutter to remove the excess skin around your nails. Dust off the excess.

Step 4: Apply cuticle oil on your cuticles and massage it nicely and let it sit for a minute or so. Apply a coat of nail strengthener on nails. This will make your nails strong.



Step 5: It’s time for a pedicure now! Repeat everything you did before; take your feet out, dry them, cut, clean and shape your nails, remove the cuticles. You can use a toothbrush to scrub on and under your toenails. They’re more prone to getting dirty since we wear open toed-shoes all the time.

Step 6: Once that’s done, use a scrub all over your feet and legs, spend some extra time massaging the area around your ankles and between your toes. Use a warm washcloth to wipe off the scrub. 

Step 7: The most important step in your pedicure – getting rid of dead skin from your heels. Use a pumice stone to buff your heels. Make sure to wet your feet and the pumice stone first.

You can even use one of those dual-sided pedicure tools. Spend some time doing this properly. 

Step 8: Rinse well and apply some cuticle oil on your freshly trimmed cuticles and nail strengthener on your nails. 



Step 9: Use body butter or hydrating body lotion and give your hands and legs a nice massage.

Step 10: Now that your hands and feet are squeaky clean and soft, it’s time to paint your nails.

Make your work from home sessions brighter by experimenting with nail paints, paint all your nails in different colours! Or just one finger in a different colour while others are the same. Do some DIY nail art or go crazy with glitter. Just don’t forget to flaunt in on the ‘Gram!

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That’s it, you’re da-done 🥁

Here Are All The Tools You Need

Now you know what to do, what to doooo today!

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