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So Relaxing! 15 Comforting Instagram Accounts To Follow For Instant Zen

So Relaxing! 15 Comforting Instagram Accounts To Follow For Instant Zen

Of late, opening Instagram for me means instant anxiety. I would never be able to describe in words the helplessness that I feel, watching people around me fending for their lives during the second wave of COVID-19. It’s all so desolate and just the idea of hope feels like a distant dream. I have not been able to sleep, I’m stress-eating like never before, and I’m very scared. In ordinary times, a change in scenery would have helped. However, even stepping your foot out of the house feels like the most inundating task right now.


But the truth is that I do need a break. The truth is that each one of us needs a break from this shitshow that our lives have become off late. Now, while stepping out unnecessarily is absolutely out of question, I know something that might help. Last night I used the same social media that had been making me anxious to calm my nerves. How you might ask? By following relaxing and satisfying accounts on Instagram and spending a good amount of time checking out their feeds. It did help. Seriously. And in case you might be feeling anxious, or restless lately, here’s is a list of Insta accounts that you’ll surely find soothing. 

Comforting Insta Accounts To Follow RN


Need something to calm your nerves? Here is a list of 15 Insta accounts that might help:

Satisfying Soap ASMR


What is it about? Soaps being cut and peeled in random strokes. How does it feel? Amazing AF. Honestly, I have been watching these soap videos for over a year now and still watch a new video all transfixed. The sound, the feel, the beauty…everything about these videos is just sooooo soothing. 10/10 should watch. 


Chalk ASMR


I recently found an account on Instagram that’s just about smashing chalk and baking powder slabs. In case you happened to be one of those chalk-hogging kids back in school (I was), these videos will leave you salivating for sure. 

Hydraulic Press Channel


Totally done with the state of affairs around the country and just like me, really angry with what the country has to go through right now? Well, how about smashing stuff? No, you don’t have to do it. You just watch as the peeps at Hydraulic Press Channel do the work for you. Very cathartic! 

Catherine Benson


Absolutely love that feeling when a cluttered corner is cleaned and organised? Catherine Benson’s feed is the Instagram haven that you have been looking for! 

Beautiful Abandoned Places


All I want to do right now is to escape to a peaceful, secluded place with my family. In case, you crave the same, you are sure to derive some vicarious satisfaction through this account. 


Andrea Homecafe


You know the kind of satisfaction that you get after drinking some chilled lemon soda on hot summer noon? Well, I am a fan of the feeling and in case you are too then, this is surely the account for you. 

Ennah’s Cakes


Your soul would feed on this frosting account in case you enjoy baking and absolute perfection. The cream cheese frosting beautifully gliding through the cupcakes like a silken dream is something that all of us need to look at stat. 



Love traditionally made desi food? This account would fulfill all your gastronomic fantasies! Rest assured, you’d soon find yourself assembling ingredients and trying something new in the kitchen. 



Ever thought about what it would be like to live that slow life, amid nature while enjoying its bounty? This account is like a dream if you did. I can honestly bet that this shiz is far better than any film or reality show right now. Just give it a try you’ll know. 


Ishan-Maldives Photographer


‘Seriously, what’s with the Maldives?’ is a question that you might have asked more than once in the past year. Tranquil to the T, this account is your answer to the question. 

Florian Gadsby


I had no idea that porcelain carving could be this satisfying until I stumbled upon this account. Just scroll through the feed and watch the zen settle in!



Rest assured I am totally buying lots (lotssssssssssssssssss) of sand post lockdown and play with it just like the peeps at Sandowah have been doing all this while. 

Marble Mannequin


‘Oddly satisfying fever dreams’ is how the artist at this Instagram account describes their work. Well, we think that the description is pretty apt. 




What’s so satisfying about coloured mud you ask? Honestly, I don’t know. Is it soothing to watch? Very.

Luke Vincentini


Cakes that look like things? Yes, please! This cake artist makes unbelievable cakes in shapes that you’d never be able to guess that are edible. Just watch and wait until you see that knife digging into the cakes. Ufff!

Can already feel the calm settling in, don’t you?

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Featured Image: Instagram 


23 Apr 2021

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