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Viral Trend Alert: Colourful Under Eye Makeup Is The Current Rage & We’re Obsessed

Viral Trend Alert: Colourful Under Eye Makeup Is The Current Rage & We’re Obsessed

Okay, we are all for budding makeup trends, but this one just took us by surprise and completely wowed us. People, under eye makeup has just gotten colourful and we can’t keep calm. It all kickstarted with a content creator Naezrah and her cool experimental video tutorial of applying a vibrant hue to the under eye area. The influencer stuck to her unique makeup style and created more such vibrant under eye makeup looks and it caught people’s attention. Very soon, makeup queen Nikkie of NikkieTutorials caught wind of these videos and she too was obsessed with the trend. The colourful under eye makeup trend blew up like wildfire because every makeup reel creator on Instagram just had to review the trend. So, what do we think of the trend? Why of course we love it! Here’s a lowdown of the trend and why we think it is the next best thing for eye makeup.

What Is The Colourful Under Eye Makeup Trend?

This makeup trend puts emphasis on the under eye area but in a unique manner. We aren’t talking about using colour correctors and concealers to hide those dark circles anymore. This trend urges you to highlight the under eye area and use a single vibrant colour or create a gradient of vibrant hues to make a statement. This trend is specially great for anyone who likes experimenting, wants to take away attention from under eye bags or dark circles, and for those with hooded eye shapes. 

How To Slay The Trend 

We scoured the internet and found these tutorials and review videos of the trend that is going to help you slay like a baddie. Check them out!

Rainbow Rodeo

In this video, you can see how white concealer works as a great base to build a vibrant under eye makeup look. Apply white concealer on your under eyes and then lightly place and blend eyeshadow pigments to form a rainbow effect. Make sure to keep pink at the centre inner corners of the eyes and let the blue and purple pigments be more lighter and blurred out.

Makeup Blues

The influencer who began the trend shows us how she pulls off blue under eye makeup and we’re in love. She first dots a blue pigment on the under eyes near the inner corners and then dots a white concealer on top of it. Next, she blends it out and sets it with loose setting powder. To complete the look, she goes with colourful eyeliner and white dots dispersed across her visage for a galactic effect.

OTT Orange

Taking cue from the previous blue under eye makeup video, this influencer chose orange and slayed big time. She uses a regular concealer on her under eyes and then mixes a bright orange pigment with a nude concealer and blends it on her under eyes. She then makes it pop with orange eyeliner. Since she chose orange, the makeup look even made her under eyes look brighter than ever and covered up her dark circles.

Honestly, we think we needed this trend because it is so cool and refreshing. We especially like it for hooded eye shapes because it provides much more room to experiment. What do you think of the trend? Try it out and see for yourself.

Featured Images: Instagram

20 May 2022

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