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5 Makeup Hacks That Have Broken The Internet Recently

5 Makeup Hacks That Have Broken The Internet Recently

Of all the makeup reels that storm our feed, the ones that feature viral makeup hacks are our favourites. And if you’re a fellow makeup maven yourself, we bet you too can’t resist a good makeup hack that can come in handy when you’re short on time or money. From foolproof contour methods to different ways of using a single makeup product, viral makeup hacks are crazy and some of them are surprisingly good. Here’s a lowdown of our favourite viral makeup hacks that are trending in 2022.

5 Viral Makeup Hacks That Actually Work

The Magic Wand

Influencers are using eyeliner pencils for nose contouring and we are shook. If you too have been struggling with applying your nose contour sharply, this eyeliner trick is literally going to blow your mind. With a brown eyeliner pencil you can easily draw out your nose contour whereas when you use a cream stick contour or a powder contour, you have to make sure you have the right brushes for drawing lines and blending. White eyeliner pencils then allow you to highlight the bridge of your nose well with precision.

Ever Glow

If you hate the fact that your dark circles are visible even under your foundation and you don’t have a colour corrector to conceal them well, you can just use cream blush. Apparently, the pink, red, or orange tones in your cream blush will cancel out the pigmentation under your eyes. And when you blend foundation over the blush corrected under-eye area, it looks like you’ve got the most gorgeously blushed skin ever.

The Perfect Shade Doesn’t Exi…

The latest viral reel makeup trend is using your eyebrow pencil to outline your lips and then applying your everyday blush shade to add colour to your lips. Topped with gloss, this is said to be the best way to always get the perfect lipstick shade for your skin tone. So far, every video following the trend ends up getting gorgeous results.

The Many Ways To Smokey

There are a bunch of ways to create a smokey eye look with eye makeup products, but this hack sings praise of a brown lip liner to get the job done. If you find using a brown eye pencil or an eyeshadow to create a smokey eye too messy and difficult, this lip liner hack will ease your worries. Smudging a brown lip liner on your lids and topping it with a shimmery bronzer or bronze eyeshadow is the newest and easiest way to get a fuss-free smokey look. The formula of a lip liner is lighter and more blendable on the lids and therefore it is very forgiving.

Orange Is The New Blush

Colour corrector as blush? We know it sounds crazy but hear us out. London based makeup artist Tammi Clarke was requested by a follower to try using an orange colour corrector as a cream blush and the pro artist was impressed after trying it out. It is a great way to rock peachy blushed skin if you don’t have an orange-toned blush on hand. Use a cream-based colour corrector for stunning results.

Which of these unusual viral makeup hacks are you itching to try?

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04 Feb 2022

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