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12 Signs Your Relationship Will Stand The Test Of Time!

12 Signs Your Relationship Will Stand The Test Of Time!

Sometimes, you just feel like walking away from the humdrum of daily life and the burden of being all nice and good to people around you. Especially the one you love the most. It’s usually a fleeting moment because deep within, you want your relationship to last forever – here’s a list that tells if yours will?

1. You both know how to have fun with each other

Usually after the initial phase of impressing each other begins to fade, there is little excitement left. However, if you both know how to crack jokes, laugh and play with each other, you are sorted for life!


1 signs your relationship will last

2. There’s trust

It is the base of any relationship. Even if you or your partner keep getting attention from others, you know that for both of you, your relationship comes first. Period.


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3. You look at life the same way

Doesn’t matter if you have the same hobbies, interests and favorites – your outlook towards life is the same. You share the same core values and morals. That means both of you will always want to connect at a deeper level and look at the bigger picture. Always.


3 signs your relationship will last

4. There’s respect

Without this – life is nothing and you cannot carry on. So if there is mutual respect for each other’s life, goals and choices – there is hope!


5. You accept one another wholeheartedly

When you put on a little weight or when you realise that he is not as tall as you’d first imagined your man to be  – it’s fine by you both. If you both accept each other’s flaws – including each other’s little annoyances and habits – you’ve got the key to a really long living relation. Cherish it.

5 signs your relationship will last


6. You’d rather be with each other

Than at a stupid party with boring people or at a wedding where you don’t know more than half the relatives. When you feel endless love towards one another and he becomes your safe place – you know life is good.



7. It’s never you vs him

You fight but never make it ugly or wash your dirty linen in public… It means deep within, you respect each other and that my friend, is a feat in itself.

7 signs your relationship will last


8. You miss each other

Whether it’s a two day business trip or a month long overseas assignment, you genuinely miss each other’s company – the love and the nagging included.

9. You’ll forgive

No matter how big or small the problem is – you understand each other and know not only to forgive but also to forget and not bring up that topic over and over again in future arguments.


9 signs your relationship will last

10. You fully support each other

Work wise or home front, career or family, you are there for each other – rock solid – ensuring your passion and dreams aren’t hurt.


11. The C word

If you both are willing to compromise and accommodate the other person’s feelings and aspirations – know that life’s good!

11 signs your relationship will last


12. Your love is unconditional

This one is a bit tricky because we often end up bringing egos into relationships – but when the going gets tough (and even when not), if we can put ourselves on the side and give the relationship it’s due, be sure that it will be a lasting one.

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09 Jun 2016
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