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Raising The Bar: Hair, Face & Body Cleansing Bars That You’ve Gotta Switch To, STAT

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Sep 16, 2021
Raising The Bar: Hair, Face & Body Cleansing Bars That You’ve Gotta Switch To, STAT


If I ask you to remember the last time you used a bathing bar before you switched to indulging body washes, there’s a chance that you won’t remember. Yeah, those bathing bars that were meant to be meticulously kept dry after you’ve used them, else will melt and squish like a slimy mush. Uh-oh. Mom did remind you to place that bar of Pears soap in its container but you left it on the tiled shelf. 

Yes, those notoriously high-maintenance soap bars are making a trendy comeback. All renewed with a long-lasting formula that lowers the maintenance bill on them, we now call them cleansing bars. The most interesting part? They are not just for your body anymore. We have many options of shampoo bars, conditioning bars, cleansing bars for the body, and cleansing bars for the face. With a rigid reputation of being too drying, cleansing bars now come in an updated formula for all skin and hair types. They are also much more sustainable as they use way less plastic in packaging and are great for travelling purposes with their compact structures. 

The Hit List

My research for this particular bath and body trend left me somewhat overwhelmed, but you don’t have to be. Here is a list of the best-selling cleansing, shampooing, and hair conditioning bars with irresistible formulas that you are going to want for sure.

For Your Curly Mane

This shampoo bar by Earth Rythm is enriched with murumuru extracts that deeply nourish curly hair and help repair damaged strands. It gently cleanses the hair and scalp and helps make unruly hair manageable.

Strengthening Formula For Dry Strands

If you have dry hair, this hair strengthening shampoo bar by The switch Fix is the best pick for you. It cleanses the hair and scalp with extra gentle care and avoids hair breakage.

Conditioner Your Hair Will Love

Keratin is an important hair building block. Dry and damaged hair usually lack this protein, which makes them devoid of luster, strength, and elasticity. This keratin enriched shampoo and conditioner bar not only cleanses your mane effectively but also leaves them intensely conditioned after.

For A Squeaky Clean Wash

In this time and age when everybody is being extra careful about cleanliness, this germ-killing soap by MyGlamm is a life-saver. It can act as a handwashing soap or a bathing bar. It gently cleanses the skin, while eliminating 99.9% of germs on the surface.

For An Elevated Bathing Experience

If you are someone who loves to experiment with new bath products, this is a jackpot for you. Packed with a calming experience of a soothing almond bath, and a deep cleansing exfoliating feature, this almond scrubbing soap bar is a must-have.

Conditioning Formula For The Locks Of Your Dreams

This conditioning bar by The Nature Masons gives tough competition to many other name-brand conditioners that you might have used. Formulated with kokum butter, cocoa butter, and Jamaican Castor oil, its ultra-nourishing formula can give your hair the smooth texture that you’ve been dreaming of.

Care For A Luxurious Bath?

Forest Essentials is known for delivering an uber-luxurious experience, whether it’s skincare, makeup, or bath and body care. Following suit with other FE peers, this sugar bathing soap is the perfect fix for a luxurious bathing experience.

Which cleansing bar is making its way to your shopping cart?

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