Your Zodiac Sign Is Suggesting You Try This Latest Skincare Trend. Do You Dare?

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Sep 15, 2021
Your Zodiac Sign Is Suggesting You Try This Latest Skincare Trend. Do You Dare?


STOP! Before you spot a new skincare fad on the internet and decide to traumatize your skin with it, put your phone down (well, after reading this article. Duh!). From chemical peeling solutions to blue light masks, we tend to put our skin through the latest trend of the moment in hopes of ‘Gram-worthy bare skin selfies. Well, I have news for you – changing your skincare techniques weekly will not only get you minimum skin benefits but also puts you at a higher risk of a destroyed skin barrier, and hence, worse skin health.

Skincare For Your Stars

No, we are also not asking you to stick to boring skincare schedules from the last decade (2020 in GenZ timeline). As a cure for your on-trend self, we have assembled a list of cool skincare trends that your zodiac sign should try. Instead of trying all the preppy trends at once, solve your confusion by finding out what skincare is written in your stars.


Skincare trend: Glowy, dewy skin


Healthy and glowy skin is always on-trend. Bold and ambitious and Aries would love to ace this evergreen skincare trend. Like everything else in your life, ace this skincare trend by filling your cart with the most hydrating, and brightening skincare products on the block!


Skincare trend: Green face mask

Taurus is an Earth sign who is fond of soothing and calming experiences. What’s more calming than a detoxifying face mask that will leave your skin gunk-free? Plus, you get a chance of clicking innumerable Pinterest-inspired green mask selfies. Don’t forget the coffee mug!


Skincare trend: Personalised skincare

Interested in too many pursuits, Gemini? It is common for you to be extremely busy and always occupied. How will you ever get the time to try and test the products that work for your specific skin concerns? The solution is personalized skincare! By this concept of getting skincare specifically for your skin type, concerns, and requirements, you can save time, money, and stay on the top of your beauty trend game.


Skincare trend: Celebrity skincare


With one foot in the emotional and the other foot in the material realm, a Cancer is known to effortlessly judge the energy of the room. Riddle me this cancer, which trending celebrity skincare is worth a try?


Skincare trend: Facial massaging tools

Leos are the kings and queens of the zodiac, waiting for the red carpet to announce their grand arrival. Get grand with your skincare and splurge in luxurious facial massage tools that will do what you like the most – pamper you to the max!


Skincare trend: Skinimalism

Skinimalism is one of the most popular skincare trends which claims to believe that less is more. And why can’t it be? By simple understanding, one only needs a CTM skincare routine, and a Virgo would completely agree. Their logical, practical, and systematic approach in life will definitely like this stripped-back approach to skincare that works like a charm.


Skincare trend: Skincare supplements


A Libra is represented by scales because of their heavy belief in striking the correct balance. And that’s why we think that a skincare trend that scales the perfect balance of internal and external care would match this zodiac sign. While you are taking care of your skin from the outside, the internet trend is guiding us towards some internal nutritive care as well. This is the suitable skincare trend match for you, Libra.


Skincare trend: Sustainable skincare

Sustainable skincare is one of the most controversial topics of the beauty community. While sustainable beauty brands are doing a great job at saving the planet, their slow-paced skincare game is often criticized by impatient consumers (Sagittarius, we’re talking to you). How much ever time sustainable skincare takes, they do work, and will be the perfect skincare trend match for the strongest zodiac sign – Scorpio.


Skincare trend: Serum heavy skincare

Undoubtedly, one of the most impatient zodiacs, Saggitarius is always on the lookout for something quick. And that’s why, a serum-heavy skincare routine is a perfect pair for you, Sagi. Serums have a thinner consistency and higher penetration power that provides results faster than creams. Whatever stubborn skin concern has been keeping you sleepless Saggitarius, can be solved with the right serum.


Skincare trend: Blue light protection


Just like a Capricorn, blue light protection is one of the most realistic, practical, and disciplined forms of skincare. In the time of WFH, while everyone is trying to ditch sunscreens, a true Capricorn will realize the importance of blue right protection for healthy skin.


Skincare trend: Probiotic skincare

A mystical healer, Aquarius’s personalities are advanced, exceptional, and optimistic. So when the skincare industry is coming out with advanced technology of probiotic skincare, it is very hard for an Aquarius to not stay optimistic about it! Say yes already Aquarius!


Skincare trend: Indian skincare

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and is known to have absorbed all the lessons. In this case, all skincare lessons. If Pisces has already experienced the building and falling of all skincare fads, there is only one ultimate skincare trend suitable for them, which has seen the standing of skincare since the beginning of time: Indian skincare ingredients.

Did you like the skincare trend for your zodiac?

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