Get, Set, Glow: 5 Cream Highlighters To Ace That Dewy Makeup Look

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Sep 15, 2021
Get, Set, Glow: 5 Cream Highlighters To Ace That Dewy Makeup Look


Dotting the high points of your face with a highlighter is a little like topping the cake with cherries – it is the finishing touch of the whole process, elevates the face value of the end result, and is almost everybody’s favourite part. Another similarity? A cherry-topped cake and a highlighter-packed makeup look, both make for an amazing Insta post. Maybe a cooking website can help you with the best cherry-topped cake recipe, but we are here to tell you just the right ingredient you need for the perfect post-vacation sun-kissed selfie.

The Hit List

The beauty industry has been trying to push out powder-based makeup products since last year, and highlighter is one of its glorified victims. In the agenda of making makeup aesthetics more skin-like, 2021 has made us fans of cream and liquid textures in makeup. If you’re still on the lookout to make the switch, here are 5 best-selling cream highlighters that will help you achieve a perfectly seamless glow.

A Bedazzling Stick

This creamy highlighting stick by MyGlamm is a part of their Manish Malhotra makeup range and is the best match for all your designer makeup needs. It delivers a high shine pearl finish for a luminous effect. This formula is also cruelty-free and vegan.

The Class Favourite

The M.A.C strobing cream is the OG cream highlighter that came before its time and yet won hearts for a lifetime. Still extremely relevant, this little tube of cream highlighter can go over and under your makeup for a dewy, glowy effect. It is available in 4 shades to match your skin tone and requirement and gives you the most natural-looking highlight ever.

A New Comer

Comparatively newer to the rest of the list toppers, this revolutionary cream highlight tube by Charlotte Tilbury has changed the makeup game in 2021. Already making the must-have corner of many celebrities and beauty gurus, this product gives you the most Instagram-filtered highlight effect to your makeup look. Its quick-drying formula stays dewy long after application and gives you a long-wear of a gorgeous glow.

Glow On-The-Go

If you’re looking for a daily-wear highlighter that gives off a subtle glow, this Benefit Cosmetics cream highlighter stick is your best bet. It comes in the form of a dual-ended stick, where you will find the highlight product on one and, and an applicator sponge at the other. This packaging allows you infinite touch-ups, and emergency makeup sessions anywhere and everywhere. Glow on the go, truly.

On The Highlight To DEW List

At last a multi-purpose gem. Inspired by Tokyo’s gleaming lights, this versatile highlighter can be used on the face, eyes, and even on the lips! How cool is that? It is a multi-dimensional highlighter that has pearls formulated with a transparent base. It blends seamlessly with the skin and gives you the ultimate glow to the Gods.

Which cream highlighter will make its way into your shopping cart?

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