7 Celeb-Approved Hair Colour Transformations That’ll Inspire You To Dye Your Tresses Too!

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Mar 23, 2021
selena gomez blonde hair, priyanka chopra blonde hair


Life is too short to have boring hair, right? There’s so much you can do- chop it off, get hair extensions, cut your own bangs, or dye it. The point is, mixing it up is fun, especially when you change your hair colour.

If you love changing your hair colour with the season then you aren’t the only one, celebrities love transforming their hair too. From colourful wigs to dying their tresses in funky colours- we’ve seen it all. If ‘Rona has taught us anything, then it is that life is short. So, if you were planning to change your hair colour, now’s the time. Take this as your sign and get inspired by our fave celebrities!

Celebrity-Inspired Hair Colours

We’ve got some amazing celebrity hair colour transformations that’ll inspire you to change your look completely. From blonde to pink, we have something for everybody.

Gigi Hadid || Red Hair


Gigi Hadid made a stellar comeback to runaway after giving birth to baby Khai but all eyes were on her new hair. Naturally born a blonde, Gigi walked the Versace show, flaunting her new red locks, and honestly, she looked like a boss.

If you are planning to get your hair dyed for the first time, become a redhead! The colour looks super classy and will look amazing on everybody.

Parineeti Chopra || Burgundy


Parineeti Chopra has been experimenting a lot with her looks lately. From brown smokey eyes to chopping her off hair, Parineet’s been keeping it fresh and fun. But there was a time, not so long ago when she had dyed her hair entire hair burgundy.

Planning to go for a global hair makeover? Then burgundy is an excellent choice, especially during the summertime as the colour looks stunning under the sunshine.

Selena Gomez || Blonde


Remember when Selena Gomez debuted her badass blonde hair at the 2017 AMAs? Yup, who can forget that. It was daring, sexy, and edgy. Basically, it was EVERYTHING!

If you have the guts, go blonde! Just make sure that you are prepared for repercussions as your entire hair will have to get bleached.

Hilary Duff | Blue


Hilary Duff just gave herself a pregnancy makeover by dying her hair blue and she looks hella cool.

Sporting blue locks will always be in trend because it is such a calming colour. Instead of dying all your mane, we would suggest you to either get steaks or go for an ombre so that you can later chop off the dry ends later.


Priyanka Chopra || Copper-Blonde Lowlights


Priyanka Chopra is our go-to person for hair-inspo because she loves changing her hair. After enjoying her Caribbean honeymoon in 2019, she debuted her new colourful updo- chunky copper streaks.

This 90s approved hair trend is back for good and if you don’t want to go crazy with your hair, then this is what you should show to your hairstylist.


Kim Kardashian || Pink Hair


When it comes to changing hair colours, no one can beat Kylie Jenner’s record. From orange to pink to green to blue to every colour you can imagine, she has slayed them all. It looks like it had inspired her elder sister Kim because she too, gave her dark black hair a break and sported pink.

Just remember that to dye your hair pink (or any other peppy shade), your hair needs to be bleached which will ultimately make your hair look flat. So if you aren’t okay with having ‘dead’ hair, try wigs instead.

Adah Sharma || Rainbow


Just a quick glance at Adah Sharma’s Instagram profile and you’ll release that she can give Kylie Jenner a competition. From pastels to bright blue, she too loves wearing wigs.

For a long time, Adah had not one but three shades in her hair (blue, burgundy and yellow) and it looked so cool. Perfect for everybody who cannot make a decision, right?

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Featured Image: Pinterest, Instagram