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This Canadian Couple Sells Indian Masala Chai In Canada Out Of Love For Tea

This Canadian Couple Sells Indian Masala Chai In Canada Out Of Love For Tea

Considering my busy beginning to the long work week, I’d like to go on record and say that very few things manage to get me through shitty Mondays than a steaming cup of adrak waali chai. It doesn’t matter if it’s the scorching summers of May or the torrential downpour of the monsoon season; chai is perhaps the only constant in my life regardless of weather, season, temperature, or even mood!

There’s definitely something magical about the strongly brewed concoction that millions of Indians often need to start their day with, and looks like we aren’t the only huge fans of the beverage.


Ok Monday, let’s do this!

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You’d naturally think that if anyone were to discover chai for the first time, it would probably be in the land which is one of the largest consumers of the beverage, right? But ironically, that wasn’t the case with Eamon and Becca. It was while they were working in Australia that the Canadian couple, met a successful Melbourne café owner, George Manousakis, who perfected masala chai after 11 years of experimentation. Talk about dedication!

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Source: Chaiwala Chai

Instantly falling in love with the blend, the couple set off to the chai drinking countries of Asia, to learn the art of making that steaming cup of goodness from experts. They then returned to Canada, and set up Canadian Chaiwalas to share their journey, and of course fantastic chai, with the people.

By partnering with independently operated cafes and markets, the branches of Chaiwala Chai are spread across Toronto and they now have free shipping within Canada for a purchase of above $50 on their selected items – including the Chaiwala Starter Kit, Rooibos Masala Chai, and the Original Masala Chai. For those who wish to brew the tea at home, there are also tea filters, pots, and tea strainers that can be purchased on the website.

Chaiwala Chai also has a YouTube channel where they give you tutorials on how to create some of their popular blends.

It’s true when they say that love for food transcends geographical boundaries, and we do hope that Eamon and Becca spread the word of our love for chai as far as their business takes them!

So the next time you’re craving a strong cup of chai when you or your loved ones are in Canada, hope on over to Chaiwala Chai and indulge in a cup or two of your favourite brew!

27 Nov 2017

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