Can Facial Exercises Really Change Your Face Shape? An Expert Weighs In

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Jul 28, 2021
Can Facial Exercises Really Change Your Face Shape? An Expert Weighs In

In the last couple of years, we have been heavily sold on Yoga to increase our body’s flexibility and health. Although, are we completely convinced with the idea of facial yoga yet? Rumour has it that there are certain facial exercises and yoga massages for the face that can change your face shape. As we fiddled with the idea of chucking this topic as an internet scam, Vibhuti Vohra Arora from the House Of Beauty came to our rescue.

After an intense doubt-dissolving session with Vibhuti, we learnt that there is more to facial exercises and massages than aesthetic jade rollers. We asked her burning questions that we all are looking for answers to – what can these exercises do to our face, and what can we do to achieve their maximum benefits.

The Low Down

Do Facial Exercises Really Work?

“Exercising the body is a well-known worldwide practice, but then why forget that our face also has muscles which when plumped and worked out, can boost blood flow back to the face and help in a youthful appearance”, Vibhuti tells us. It was that simple, wasn’t it? If working the muscles of our bodies out can change and evolve our physical appearance, we can expect similar results from our facial muscles as well. So yes, facial exercises do work to improve the health and look of your face. Add some of your favourite facial exercises along with your anti-ageing skincare for fail-proof and holistic care.

Why Do We Need Facial Exercises?

“As we age, we lose collagen and elastin – the good fats of our face. We also tend to store stress and tension in between the muscle gaps. This leads to ageing and the appearance of fine lines. When you exercise your face, the blood flow is rebooted, and the vitamins flush back into the facial skin. These facial exercises plump the muscle and tighten the skin to give your face a youthful appearance”, the entrepreneur explains. According to her, practicing regular face yoga can help provide easy solutions to lymphatic drainage, sculpting, anti-ageing, prevention, and correction. She also lets us in other personal advice on speeding up the process, “In addition, the inclusion of face tools amplifies the results and is proven to take 5 years off an individual’s face.”

Can Face Yoga Really Change Your Face Shape?

“Absolutely! Some signature poses like the ‘bird face’, and the ‘cheek hook’ can actually help in shaping your nose or sculpting your cheeks, respectively”, Vibhuti agrees. “As we age our facial muscles get lethargic, and these exercises tone, tighten and sculpt.” Running her business baby Hose Of Beauty on similar principles, Vibhuti tells us that for her, TLC is not tender, love, and care but tone, lift and sculpt! Take notes, ladies. Whether you’re in your mid 20’s or late 40’s, we have a feeling that this formula is something that will help you ace ageing gracefully.

Vibhuti Arora

What Are The Best Facial Exercise Practices For A More Sculpted Face?

On to the hot topic now – how do we get the magic of face yoga to get us the sculpted cheekbones and jawlines of our dreams? Vibhuti answers, “Face yoga has a bundle of sculpting exercises like the ‘cheek hook’, ‘fish face’, ‘smiling face’, all of which are brilliant for cheek sculpting. HOB’s dancing eyebrow exercise is great for lifting droopy eyebrows or giving your eyebrows the perfect arch. A regular Gua Sha or 3D face massage face tool massage in addition to face yoga can help you achieve your goal sculpted face faster.”

Vibhuti Arora

Is there a specific time during the day it is most effective?

“Most facial massages like the Vibhuti massage on HOB yields best results when practiced once in the morning and once in the evening time. As it’s a lifting and lymphatic drainage massage, it works well when cycled every 12 hours. Apart from that, I suggest 3 days a week routine, for working women. My personal recommendation is Friday – Sunday and any 1 weekday routine for self-indulgence and care. I believe it’s the state of a relaxed mind that adds to the power of face yoga, thus helping you glow inside out. Get your candle out, soak in a warm bath, practice 20 minutes of a powerful face yoga routine and see your mind, body and skin thank you”, Vibhuti shares.

What Are Some Of The Common Mistales People Can Make When Experimenting With Facial Exercises?

While we are learning what we should do to get a chiseled face, we should also keep in mind what not to do. Vibhuti answers, “When people do not learn these techniques from a certified teacher, or a trainer, it can lead to wrong techniques being imparted. You can be pulling your skin in the wrong direction which could eventually lead to wrinkling, sagging, and premature ageing. Hence, focusing on the correct technique and learning it from a certified teacher is extremely important and the same must be communicated to everybody stepping into the world of face yoga, facial exercises, or massages.”

Now that we have provided you with all the crucial information about face yoga and facial massages, get your face tools out and build your face yoga routine for the week.

Featured Image: Vibhuti Arora