Fasten Your Seatbelts ‘Coz We’re Taking You Through Alia Bhatt’s Skincare Routine!

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Jul 27, 2021
Fasten Your Seatbelts ‘Coz We’re Taking You Through Alia Bhatt’s Skincare Routine!

How many times have you stared at Alia Bhatt on the big screen and drooled over her flawless skin? Every damn time, right?!

As the Bollywood crazed audience is transgressing from admiring beauty looks on the big screen to actually trying makeup inspired by their fave actors, stars like Alia Bhatt are applauded for revealing their authentic skincare routine. In fact, one comment on her latest YouTube video read, “Let’s just appreciate the fact that this is the first time any Indian actress has actually admitted properly that they use skincare products.” Well, the beauty community seems to be well past the haldi and besan nuskhas from Bollywood beauties. To be fair, we too want to have flushed cheeks and glowy skin that looks naturally highlighted – just like our favourite Shanaya.

YouTu(be) Will Love This Skincare Routine As Much As We Did


Last Saturday, 24th July 2021, Alia released a video on her YouTube channel where she tells us about her daytime skincare routine. She mentions that her skincare is one of the most important things to her and that she never misses out on it even while on shoots. Sitting in her vanity van, prepping for her early morning shoot, Alia Bhatt lets us into her favourite skincare products ATM and why she thinks it’s important. If you want to build your skincare routine to match with this Bollywood diva, here’s your cheat sheet:

Spray Sanctuary

As she begins introducing her facial massager to us, Alia dampens her skin with the M.A.C. Prep + Prime Spray.

Massage It Mama!

The star did not share exactly which facial massager she uses; however, we have the perfect pick for you. According to Alia, light massaging of 1 to 2 minutes can help drain out any water retention and reduce the appearance of puffiness.

EYE Love You Alia!

Her next skincare step is an under-eye cream by Farmacy that helps prevent dryness and dark circles.

Serum Shenanigans

After applying her eye cream, Alia then proceeds to her next skincare step – serum. She uses the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops that deeply hydrates her skin, keeps it protected from pollutants, and avoids fine lines. Now we know where she gets her dewy skin texture from. Ladies, take notes. Here, she quickly plugs in her ‘quick tip’ to extend your skincare products to your neck and hands as well.

Wakey Wakey – Time For A Shoot!

Or a Zoom call, or a facetime, or just a breakfast date – if your skin needs extra help waking up from the sleep fest, this serum by The Ordinary is your best bet. Alia uses this serum when her face needs extra help to reduce puffiness. Caffeine in these serum drops extracts water and helps bring down inflammation.

Lock In That Moisture

Another Glow Recipe buy? Damn Alia, you’re really packing that glow huh? But we do not mind one bit. This Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer helps to lock in moisture in the skin and restores hydration for your busy day. Don’t skip moisturizer, kids.

The Grande Finale

Alia Bhatt ends her simple, 7-step daytime skincare routine with sunscreen. She uses the Innisfree Aqua Water Drop Sunscreen and explains how important sunscreen is even while staying indoors. Now that Alia Bhatt has said it, would you listen? Get your sunscreen on!

Give Alia Bhatt’s no-fuss skincare routine a try and get that glow on the go!

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