Full Moon TLC: Wash Away Your Skincare Sins And Detox With This Simple Self-Care Ritual

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Jul 23, 2021
Full Moon TLC: Wash Away Your Skincare Sins And Detox With This Simple Self-Care Ritual

It’s a full moon night on the 24th of July this year, and we are ready with a full moon specific pamper routine that can help you detox all your skincare sins. Not if you’re a werewolf – in which case, kindly refer to our hair care routine, after you’re done howling.

As is customary, on the arrival of the full moon, one is supposed to let go of things and habits that do not serve you and release emotional baggage. Translating it to skincare terms, we are Mary Kondo-ing our skincare stash and gifting our birthday suit with a detox session. 

Let It Go

Feel free to burst out singing the track Let It Go from Frozen. Not important to this spiritual skincare routine, but who makes the rules, anyway? For real though, before actually starting with the skincare detox, let us throw away (or give away) all the skincare products that we wished worked for us, but sadly did not. That toner did not suit your skin last week, and it’s not going to suit your skin today. Pro tip: facial moisturizers that didn’t work for you can be reused as foot creams. 

Detox Your Skin

Now we start with the skincare routine. We commence this spiritual skincare routine with a deep cleanse. Pop your foaming face washes out and take your makeup, sunscreen or your daytime skincare off with love. Perform this step with mindfulness and patience. Avoid rushing through the process.

Relax To The Max With A Mask On


One step further into our detoxification process, we have the masking step. If you have oily skin, opt for a clay mask, cream mask for dry skin, and gel mask for combination skin types. You can even up your pampering game and go with a sheet mask after. While your mask is doing its magic, sit down and take these 10-15 minutes to relax and meditate (if you are up for it), instead of scrolling through your feed. You can also choose to drink your favourite tea or read a book. Take these precious moments for yourself and let your mind and body experience a complete calm. 

Dripping In Love


The next step in this spiritual skincare is serum. If you did end up using a sheet mask, kudos – you can use the leftover serum from your mask. But if you didn’t, twirl open your serum dropper bottles and let the serum drip on your skin slowly as you gently massage it in. Again, avoid harsh rubbing.

Time To Moisturize

As we near the end of this simple-yet-mindful skincare routine, it is time to seal all the goodness of your serum with your daily moisturizer. Let your skin soak it all in before proceeding to the next step.

Prepping For The Show

Not exactly a show, but most of our favourite skincare steps – massaging. Prep your skin with a small amount of facial oil and gently massage your face and neck with it. Do not rub aggressively or for too long, We need a somewhat oily texture for our facial massagers to work efficiently. 

Call Your Masseuse 


We are talking facial massages and that masseuse is your trusty jade roller. Or an ice globe massager. It can even be your gua sha! Calmly drive your massager across your face, in upward strokes, and in a repetitive motion. This will help you and your skin feel even more relaxed and your facial muscles will be soothed. This process can also help in draining out the lymphatic system and carrying out the toxins in your face. 

Be Grateful

Your skin has been through a lot – puberty, facial hair removal processes, your tears, sandwich dressings, and skincare-gone-wrong. This is the time to acknowledge your beauty and fill your heart with love for your own skin. You are beautiful and nothing can change that. 

Follow this spiritual skincare routine for a relaxed state of mind (and skin). You can also call your bestie and do it with her!

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