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7 Days of Buns: These Are Perfect For Days When It’s Too Hot To Wear Your Hair Down

7 Days of Buns: These Are Perfect For Days When It’s Too Hot To Wear Your Hair Down

Here’s a beauty challenge for you, ladies: for one whole week, we want to try a new bun updo every day. Keep it fun, keep it stylish and keep it sassy! Feel free to experiment with hair accessories and braids as well. Instead of styling your hair the same way for the whole week, we want you to push boundaries and start a trend of your own. Perhaps, even invite your bestie to join you too. To set a few hair goals for you, here are 7 different bun hairstyles for every day of the week.  

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1. Monday: The Get-Sh*t-Done Top Knot 

alia bun


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Start your week with a bang by styling your hair into a sleek top knot bun! Shraddha and Alia’s hairstyle may look simple, but it’s sexy as hell. It makes you look smart, confident and beautiful. Use hairspray and bobby pins to secure your bun. You can even use a bun maker to make sure you get that top knot right! You’re going to turn heads with this hairstyle for sure!  

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2. Tuesday: The Pretty Flowery Bun


A post shared by Nittaya (@nittaya_1985) on May 25, 2018 at 7:04am PDT

Pretty flowery buns always make a good impression. They add a feminine and delicate touch to just about any outfit. You needn’t just stick to flowers, pearls, studs and chains can be used to make a style statement on Tuesday.   

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3. Wednesday: The Experimental Bun


A post shared by Coque Todo Dia (@coquetododia) on May 30, 2018 at 9:24am PDT

Don’t be afraid to experiment and give new hairstyles a shot! An aesthetic ballet bun looks gorgeous when paired with a basic kurta and a pair of jeans. Plus, a dainty hairband or a clip teamed with the bun will make you look like a princess!

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4. Thursday: The Cutesy Donut Buns

A girl cannot go wrong with a donut bun. A hairstyle like this has the power to make heads turn and charm everyone in the room. Donut buns look bulky and draw lots of attention, so ladies, keep your outfit simple and let your hairstyle do ALL the talking.

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5. Friday: The FriYAY Messy Bun 

kriti bun


Letting your hair down – that should be your motto for Friday. Play it easy, play it chic and let your hair flow down naturally. Remember, the messier, the sexier. Just like Kriti’s hairstyle, tie your hair up and let your, style, charisma and vibe take control.

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6. Saturday: The ‘Let’s Party’ Low Bun

Jaqueline bun


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You may not know this but low buns are beautiful. They are the ultimate hairstyles to pull off during a party (Jacqueline and Sonam will agree too) A tiny golden clip on your bun will add that aesthetic touch to your outfit. A strappy blouse or a backless dress will make you look like the star of the show.

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7. Sunday: The Romantic Braided Rose Bun

A dreamy rose bun suits a casual, relaxing Sunday. This pretty bun is an eyeball grabber and trust us, you’ll like a Greek goddess if you style your hair this way. A crisp white shirt, black stilettos and a dark pair of jeans with this hairstyle make for the perfect summer look.

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03 Jun 2018

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