9 Beautiful Bridal Buns To Inspire Your Hairstylist!

9 Beautiful Bridal Buns To Inspire Your Hairstylist!
A bun is the go-to hairstyle for most brides. And why not? It looks great under that chunari and keeps it anchored! After all, when you have that heavy lehenga and jewellery to take care of, you don’t want to worry about wisps of hair also flying about! Plus, it lets the world see your pretty, glowing bridal face! But just because you are opting for a bun, doesn’t mean you have to look like everyone else. Here are some gorgeous girls giving us some solid bridal bun inspiration!

1. This bride’s got #swag!

bridal bun 1

Image: Neha Bhatia

This is so simple but so elegant. Just pull all your hair back (look Ma, no parting!) and secure it at the back in a classic bun - neither high, nor low. Decorate it with a single string of gajra going around it and you’re done!

2. The bangs have it

bridal bun 2

Image: Navdeep Soni

Most brides pull back their hair to secure it but what if you have bangs? Well, just take inspiration from this bride who let her bangs hang free.

3. The mogra profusion

bridal bun 3

Image: Richa Bhandari

When you have a big mathapatti to show off, you need that centre parting to let it sit right. You can completely cover your bun with mogra gajras and smell divine all night like this bride.

4. A French classic with a twist

bridal bun 4

Image: Navdeep Soni

We love the intricate chignon this bride opted for her wedding day. She parted the front of her hair, twisted it back and merged it with her classic chignon. Those white flowers really look elegant, don’t they?

BannerYellow 500px

5. Round and round the flowers go

bridal bun 5

Image: Kuntal Mukherjee

So when you do an inverted bun - pull your hair into a ponytail and wrap it around a doughnut - you can also decorate it with strings of rajnigandha flowers like this bride here. It’s certainly a different kind of gajra!

6. Braid it up

bridal bun 6

We love this twist (see what we did there :P) on the original! This bride brought back the braids from front and wrapped them around her voluminous bun. Also, no gajra just a string!

Image: Rucha Vyas

7. Aim high

bridal bun 7

Image: Mitali Saran

When you want to increase your height visually, you can steal fashion blogger Mitali Saran’s super-high bun which is accentuated by a bunch of small flowers at the base!

8. East meets west

bridal bun 8

Image: Sephi Bergerson

For her blended-culture wedding ceremony, this bride did not wear a chunari. Instead, she side-parted her hair, pulled it into a chignon at the back and accentuated her sophisticated hairdo with a jewelled band. So different and we love it!

9. Bump it up

bridal bun 9

Image: Sugandha Chaudhary

Why not go for a bouffant at the front and a tight, high bun at the back like our gorgeous bride here? Look how neatly the chunari settles into the groove between the two!

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