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5 Things No One Will EVER Tell You About Choosing Your Bridal Lehenga!

5 Things No One Will EVER Tell You About Choosing Your Bridal Lehenga!

What’s the most important thing for a bride on her wedding day? Her lehenga, of course! Suggestions for caterers, decorators and photographers start pouring from the day “the date” gets fixed. While your well-wishers might get you the best vendors out there, finding the best couturier for your bridal lehenga is the toughest choice you’ll have to make yourself, based on your taste. And brides-to-be, this is not easy – the fit has to be perfect, the cut has to flatter your body type and the embroidery can be nothing less that stunning! Despite the resplendent lehenga motifs, intricate details, bespoke wardrobes, we believe there are certain things no one else will tell you about choosing your bridal lehenga. So, we’re going to spill the beans on this one. Read on…

1. You could ditch the red.

1 bridal lehenga

Image Source: Asiana couture

‘Suhaag ka rang laal hota hai,’ we all have heard that one, but your lehenga doesn’t need to be red if that isn’t your colour. And we know deep within, you are craving to wear your favourite colour, yellow or electric indigo. So, don’t think so much, it’s your day and your choice of colour matters the most.

2. Mix and match? Why not!

2 bridal lehenga

Image Source: Little black bow

Gone are the days, when you just have to match the colours of your lehenga, blouse and dupatta. Contrasting colours in an outfit look stunning, ladies. Shades of blue here, a dash of pink there. Better still, go for a multicoloured lehenga – that will leave your guests raving about your bridal look for months.

3. Keep the purse strings tight and don’t get swayed away.


It’s tough because we know you have been drooling over those Manish Malhotra designs. Some even might have the wish to be a Sabyasachi bride. But be a tad realistic. You don’t need to go all-in. Do a bit of research on the latest trends and be smart enough to pick and choose a lehenga that suits your budget and desire too.

4. Choose your fabric based on the weather.

4 bridal lehenga

Image Source: SVA

Let the weather determine the fabric of your lehenga. Don’t just focus on the colour and design, remember the fabric plays the major part. For instance, opting for a velvet lehenga for a summer wedding is a no-no! On the other hand, silks, velvets and other thick fabrics won’t only look amazing at a winter weddings, but will also keep you comfy all through the long ceremony.

5. The blouse and dupatta matter as much as the lehenga does!

5 bridal lehenga

Image Source: Gautam Khullar Photography

You will book the best photographer for your wedding and you are going to get the best of candid moments clicked. But you do realise that most of those would be close-up shots which will only cover your upper body. Hence, pay attention to your blouse and dupatta, always.

Featured Image: PhotozAapki

13 Nov 2017

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