7 Brides Who Took The Internet By Storm This Year – All Thanks To Their *Hatke* Bridal Fashion!

Manvi MalhotraManvi Malhotra  |  Nov 14, 2017
7 Brides Who Took The Internet By Storm This Year – All Thanks To Their *Hatke* Bridal Fashion!


“I want to look my prettiest best on my wedding,” said EVERY bride ever. And why shouldn’t they, every bride wants to look like a princess on her wedding day. From trying new lehenga colours and patterns to incorporating a unique mehendi design, brides try out almost everything to stand out from among the bridal brigade. But there are some who catch the attention of not just everybody present in the wedding (and the groom, come on!), but of other people too, all thanks to their hatke fashion and cool demeanour. Here are 7 brides who gained popularity and a cult social media following because of their super bridal fashion sense. Check them out!

1. The bride with her love story on her lehenga…

Everybody who attends your wedding would probably be super interested in knowing your love story. While some couples play their pre-wedding video on huge screens at their wedding venue, others have placards and other cool stuff to tell people about their beautiful tale of love. But this bride chose to do something totally unique, so she got her love saga embroidered on her bridal lehenga. Yep, you heard us right! Famous South Indian actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu got her bridal lehenga designed by Kresha Bajaj of Koesch, who made news when she did the same for her wedding last year.

And not just her bridal lehenga, but Samantha’s engagement saree also had tiny details of her love story woven into it. Here’s a glimpse…

Aww, we can’t even… One helluva bride, ain’t she?

2. Floral kaleeras, anyone?


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Kaleeras are one of the prettiest adornments for a bride. Those little trinkets add so much grace to her look as a dulhan. But if the bride is ex-Miss India USA, there is bound to be some unique twist, right? So, when Natasha Arora got married she decided to keep her look subtle in a light pink bridal lehenga. But what caught everybody’s attention were her oh-so-pretty floral kaleeras. Yes, they were made of actual flowers and made her look like a fairy who had just stepped down from heaven. We’re not even exaggerating!

3. Move over floral ‘prints’ – here comes the bride with her lehenga made of REAL flowers

3 bridal fashion real flower lehenga

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Because just floral prints are so 2016, or so this quirky bride thought. Being a designer herself, Nindiya had to do something unique with her own wedding outfits, so she decided to make the lehenga for her mehendi ceremony out of REAL flowers. And, we’re in love with how it looked. She picked a subtle lavender coloured lehenga as the base and covered it with a layer of pretty white flowers. Though we’re not sure about how she did it, we are very certain about the fact that it looked gorgeous!

4. Because it’s always better to have your wedding vows in writing… on your lehenga

4 bridal fashion lehenga with wedding vows

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And how could the super cool bride stop there. We just told you that Nindiya herself is a designer, so she did something really unique to pretty up her bridal lehenga too. She got her wedding vows embroidered on the kalis of her bridal lehenga. We are stumped by the creativity of this woman! Both her bridal outfits are legit #BridalFashionGoals!

Also, here are some gorgeous flats to wear with your bridal lehenga, and still rock your shaadi.

5. Because doggos are BAE

Anybody who owns or has owned pets at some point in their lives, know that there is no love like ‘puppy love’ (Quite literally!). They know and understand your emotions just so well. So to show how much she loved and cared for her little Pantu (such a cute name, right?), this bride Mitali, did something really adorable and unique. She got a coat made for her Pantu out of the same fabric that was used for her bridal lehenga. And see how cute that looked! This picture actually made our eyes moist, coz so much love!

6. The real-life princess


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Meet our real-life princess bride from Hyderabad, Hasini Boinipally, who wore a gown inspired by Aishwarya Rai’s Cannes outfit! Dubai based designer Michael Cinco designed the gown for Aishwarya and the bride too opted for the same designer for her sangeet outfit. Her gorgeous cobalt blue ball gown was fully embellished with Swarovski crystals and she sure carried it with much elan and grace. Now that’s how you make heads turn!  

7. The one who dressed like Anushka!


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Anushka Sharma did get married in real life to her prince charming, but she looked equally pretty in her reel life bridal avatar from ADHM. Our pretty bride here got inspired by the look and got a similar lehenga designed for her wedding day. While it was Manish Malhotra who designed the ADHM lehenga for Anushka, this one was designed by the super talented designer Sanya Mireya. She designed her lehenga in shades of red, pink, peach and gold with thread work on the choli and a dupatta with a trail, just like Anushka’s! The hairdo, make-up and jewellery too were inspired by her! 

These brides rocked their unique shaadi looks and totally owned it! Hope you took some bridal fashion inspiration from these beauties…