So Knotty: 6 Braided Hairstyles That Will Help You Take Your Beauty Game Up A Notch

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Apr 12, 2021
Braided Hairstyles For Summer


Whenever we find ourselves in the midst of a hair styling rut, which, to be honest, is pretty much always- braids never fail to save our day. Braided hairstyles not only serve as the perfect way to add flair to your third-day hair but are also long-lasting, practical, and perfect for summer. Braids can be done heat-free, and they look incredible, which understandably, makes them a classic go-to style. So whether you consider yourself a beginner braid or a pro, you’ll definitely find something on here to try—or ya know, you could always beg your talented friend to do it for you. Keep scrolling for braided hairstyles that can take your hairstyle from drab to fab.

These 6 Braided Hairstyles Are Anything But Boring

Twist It Up

Not your average three-strand braid, this style stands out from the rest, thanks to the dramatic volume. Grab a few elastic bands, divide your hair into three sections and gather it in a high ponytail, medium, and low ponytail. Now use these three sections to make a braid. Repeat the process for the entire length. Lightly pull out braided sections to add volume. The messier the braid, the better – don’t worry about getting it perfect.

The Cute Baby Braids

If you know how to pull off a three-strand braid, you can ace this look yourself, no prob. Hair tendrils around the face are here to stay forever (or at least they’re still trending for summer 2021), and this braided version is a nice little twist on that look and the best way to style curtain bangs.

Upgraded French Braids

Remember that simple french braid you wore down your back every other day in high school. It’s time to take it to the next level. Wear your French braids tight and tie it down at the back, or mess them up and pull out your bangs for a beachy braided look, like the one shown here.

Embellished Ponytail

This show-stopping ponytail is made even better by all the barrettes and hair clips attached through the length. With all these embellishments, you won’t even need to wear other accessories or jewelry. If you are a minimalist, adorning the length with tiny pearls will do the trick.

Infinity Braid

Calling out all my minimalist peeps! Picture an infinity symbol. Now, imagine creating that 8-shaped with your hair, and you’ve got yourself an infinity braid like this one, which is similar to a fishtail braid but has a tighter, more polished look. If you’re bored of keeping your hair tied in a ponytail – this is your go-to look.

The One That’s As Cute As A Button

Hairstyle with a scarf? Yes? This versatile style looks flattering on all face shapes and hair length. Whether your hair is layered or not, add a bohemian twist to your look by creating a fishtail knotted side ponytail. Use a scarf to accentuate this and get ready to turn heads.

When you’re feeling too hot to leave your hair down, braid it up for a chic upgrade. 

Featured Image: Instagram