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Bored of Your Look? 10 Signs You Need A Hair Makeover!

Gorgeous, swishy-swashy locks can give any girl hat extra boost of confidence. But if the only feeling your hair elicits from you whenever you look in the mirror is the desire to pull it back in a ponytail, then it may be time for a tress intervention. Here are the signs you need a hair makeover – if you can relate to these, then it’s probably time to get yourself under the scissors, pronto! Trust us, you’ll be thanking us later. 😛

1. You’ve Had the Same Hairstyle since Your College Days


Your mane may have looked fabulous back then, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with the same style forever! If you experiment, you will probably find a new hairstyle that makes you look even more fantastic. Don’t be so apprehensive – remember, it’s only hair, it will grow back.

2. You Have Dry, Scraggly Ends

Heat styling, damage from the sun, pollution, etc., can zap your strands of moisture and lead to dryness. The ends, especially, can get drier and thinner, particularly for those with long hair. Plus, split ends are a whole new story. The best solution for this is to go in for a snip for healthier-looking locks!


3. Your Hair Lacks Volume


You may have been growing your locks, but if you have no volume, your top is flat and your strands have no movement and look pretty lifeless, even after a blow-dry, then it is definitely time to book yourself in for a hair appointment. Some layers, or at the very least a trim, will help bring some body back to your mane.

4. The Colour Has Faded

shutterstock_164020352It’s been ages since you last coloured your hair, the colour has begun to fade and strands of grey are visible or your highlights are more prominent than your main colour. It is definitely time to pay a visit to your hairstylist and get a deeper, warmer colour using ammonia-free dye so it won’t damage your mane, and help your locks look so much healthier.

5. Your Locks Have Lost Their Shape

Even though you have gotten to the length you wanted, your style is now shapeless. Your hair, while you were skipping those trims, has grown any which way you wanted and looks lacklustre. Even if you don’t want to go short, you should ask your stylist to give your hair some shape with a trim while maintaining the length with a few face-framing layers or even hip bangs. You will definitely feel a whole lot better!


6. Nobody Says Nice Things About Your Hair Any More


If you can’t remember the last time anyone complimented you for having lush, envious locks or a cool haircut, then that’s proof enough that you need a hair intervention that will make others look at you twice, enviously!

7. You’ve Been Neglecting Your Tresses


Whether we’ve just been through a hard breakup or are spending way too many hours in the office, we have all neglected our hair at some point in time, shampoo and conditioning being pretty much all that we’ve done. You need to take charge, talk to your stylist about the hairstyles that will suit you best and how to maintain it well. It will also help you feel more confident and more in charge of your life!


8. A Ponytail Is Your Usual Go-To

hair makeoverA ponytail is everyone’s saving grace for a bad hair day, but it shouldn’t define your hairstyle. If you have no time dress up your locks every day, then it’s time you go for a style that requires less maintenance. A fuss-free haircut is better than having the basic ponytail as your signature style.

9. It Takes a Lot of Time and Effort to Style Your Hair


If styling and taming your mane requires advance planning in your schedule as it takes at least an hour, then you definitely need to get a style that is more manageable for your hair type. You could get longer layers for curly hair, or more texturized thinning for too-thick locks – your stylist can suggest styles that will help you manage your hair better.

10. Your Current Look Makes You Feel Blah



If you just don’t feel as attractive as you used to, and it feels like everyone has started looking better than you do, then that should be motivation enough to change up your hairdo! It’s time to upgrade your boring hair for something that is cooler and bolder – trust us, it will definitely make feel better about yourself.


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06 May 2016

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