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7 Subtle Body Language Tricks To Turn Him On A Little! *Wink*

7 Subtle Body Language Tricks To Turn Him On A Little! *Wink*

You want to turn him on without actually having to do anything, without having to put in too much effort, don’t you? Admit it, you want him to want you and you want him to notice simple, little things about you. You want to know how to seduce him with just simple gestures but don’t really know how to? POPxo is here to give you the know how on how to turn a man on with the simple use of body language!

1. Look into his eyes

Don’t back out, don’t be a chicken. The most appealing part of a woman’s face are her eyes. Use those beautiful eyes. Lock him in a gaze, smile a shy smile and slowly look away. You’ve got his attention now.

1 Turn him on

2. Bite your lip

Oh, the subtle yet sexy act of slowly nibbling on your lower lip. How it works! While talking to him, try biting your lip – but remember don’t over do it – if you do it too often, he will think you’re trying too hard.


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3. Touch his arm gently

Physical contact like this let’s him know that you are showing interest. Again, never over do these subtle things. The beauty of this lies in the fact that you are teasing him – and men love the chase!

3 Turn him on

4. Bring your sensual voice into play

Whisper sweet and sexy somethings into his ear, and that will just make him want to get closer to you. Make sure you sound sensual though and you’re not blowing hot air into his ears!


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5. Let your smile spin the magic

It works wonders! The slightly flirty one, the shy and sexy one, the bold and confident one, and the one where you bite your lip a little. Use them wisely, in the right proportions and you’re gonna be surprised by how much a smile can turn things around.

5 Turn him on

6. Play with your hair

God, how men love it when women twirl a strand of hair or tuck it behind their ears. For some reason, men find this extremely sexy.


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7. Show him you are listening intently

Look at him when he talks, keep your phone away. Notice things about him and compliment him.

7 Turn him on

08 Jul 2016

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