3 Mistakes NOT To Make When You’re Applying Your Blush!

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016


Applying just a little bit of blush makes a HUGE difference to your final look – it makes your face light up, perking up your makeup instantly! But there are three very common mistakes people make when “rougeing up” their cheekbones! Do you know what they are?

What You Will Need: Blush of your choice, the right brush, your fabulous face!

Difficulty Level: Easier than making a cup of tea!

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1. Applying too far below the cheekbones

This could actually lead to you looking older than you are, while making your face look harsh. So, always avoid applying blush lower than your nostrils!

2. Applying the blush too high above the cheekbones

This one can lead to you applying blush that looks totally unnatural while leaving you with a clown-like face! So, unless you’re aiming for that look, do NOT go even a fraction of an inch above your cheekbones.

3. Overdoing it

We all know that the cardinal rule for makeup is – less is more. This is especially true when applying blush! You want to look like you’re naturally blushing; “natural” is the keyword!

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